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TrueYou and Firefly Instructions


TrueYou is the identity management system where you manage your authentication information, such as changing your password and answering your authentication questions. 

Password length and attempts to log in

The minimum password length will remain at eight characters. The maximum is 32 characters and must contain at least three of the following options:

  • One or more number(s)
  • One or more lowercase letter(s)
  • One or more special character(s)

Your password cannot contain:

  • Your first name, last name, email address, or NU ID*

You are limited to a certain number of attempts to log into Firefly using your NUID and TrueYou password. Upon multiple log-in failures, the account will lock and you will be unable to access Firefly. In that event, please contact your campus helpdesk to reset the password for you. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you reset your password before getting locked out of your account.

This policy defines minimum password requirements. You are encouraged to change your password more frequently and to use more complex passwords. You can change your password at any time from the TrueYou website by clicking on the Change Password link from the top right menu in Firefly.

Access TrueYou through the following web address: http://trueyou.nebraska.edu

NOTE: You will need your NUID, as it is your username. Enter your NUID and Social Security Number. This is a secure site.

Security questions

You will then be walked through a variety of questions to establish (and confirm) your new password. Password guidelines are provided on the "Change Password" screen. The next step is a set of authentication questions of which you will need to answer four. If in the future, you need to reset your password, you will be asked these questions to verify your identity. Close this browser when complete.

At this point, the only time you will visit TrueYou is to change your password or answers to security questions. You may now begin using Firefly.

Welcome to Firefly!

Firefly is the business portal for the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System. Firefly is available to every employee and can be used to manage personal information related to employment, as well as provide a starting point for many job functions. Firefly is our local branding of the SAP Portal and provides an easy to use interface for SAP system activities.

Watch this help video: Introduction to Firefly: Getting Started

Access Firefly through the following web address: https://firefly.nebraska.edu

Within Firefly, you will see several tiles, such as Workflow Inbox, Employee Self Service, and My Staff. Applications are accessed by clicking on tiles form the Firefly home page and are displayed depending on your job responsibilities.

Each of these tiles serve as a starting point from which you can perform a number of activities.

  • Toggle button: display or hide the left side menu.
  • Home: return to the home page from any application.
  • All apps: provides a list of all applications you can access.
  • All menus: displays menus that contain multiple tiles.
  • Split view: allows you to view two applications side-by-side.
  • Most used: auto-fills as you open applications, displaying your top 10. Reset in the Settings option.
  • Favorites: you can assign applications as your favorites to easily access them.
  • Firefly News: announcements and news regarding Firefly applications.
  • Firefly Essentials: Overview & Tutorials for the new Firefly.
  • Feedback or Report a Problem: provide Firefly feedback/suggestions or if something is not working correctly, submit an online help request.
  • Your name (dropdown menu): options for Settings, Change Password (opens TrueYou in another browser window), and Firefly Help.
  • Settings: Change transition or upload/delete an image.

Standard tiles in Firefly

  • Workflow Inbox: provides a place to review and act upon all system generated actions that involve you. If you are a manager who approves leave or travel requests, you will see a list from which you can act upon those requests. If the SAP system has sent you any email, even just notifications, you will see those organized here as well. If you see a red number (other than 0) you have work waiting for you. You can also use the Workflow Inbox to delegate your approval duties during absences.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS): this is the most frequently used section of Firefly and is available to all employees. You can use it to perform activities such as viewing your paycheck stub, requesting leave or viewing leave balances, as well as updating personal information such as addresses, bank accounts or your tax withholding. You can also enroll for on-line receipt of year end W-2 tax statement.

Help, support, and feedback

  • Firefly Help: documentation to help you navigate and use applications within Firefly.
  • Feedback or Report a Problem: provide Firefly feedback/suggestions or if something is not working correctly, create a support ticket.
  • Twitter: If you follow this social network, please consider following this account. It will not clog your timeline, but will keep you informed about important system availability news and business activities.