Wayne State College

Parent/Guest Access to a Student's Information

Parent/Guest Access through WildcatsOnline will give a parent/guest access to a student's information online and in-person for the purpose of viewing a student's financial aid information, grades, and/or paying a bill. The system provides secure parent/guest access. Previously created Parent/Guest access accounts using NUIDs will be deactivated on Monday, March 9th and a new parent/guest access will have to be created. First, the student will invite the parent/guest to access their information through WildcatsOnline. Second, the parent/guest will claim their new guest account through a link in an invitation email. Once the parent/guest claims their account, they can log into WildcatsOnline and select which student's information to view. For instructions on each part of the Parent/Guest Access process please click one of the steps below: 


Grant Parent/Guest Access

View Student Information as a Parent/Guest

Manage Parent/Guest Access


Please contact the Service Center for further assistance at [email protected] or 402-375-7107.


Last Updated: 3/9/20