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Parent/Guest Access to a Student's Information

The new Parent/Guest Access through WildcatsOnline will give a parent/guest access to a student's information online and in-person for the purpose of viewing a student's financial aid information, grades, and/or paying a bill. The new system gives you additional options for secure parent/guest access. Previously created Parent/Guest access accounts will be deactivated on Monday, July 17th, 2017and a new parent/guest access will have to be created. First, the student will invite the parent/guest to access their information through WildcatsOnline. Second, the parent/guest will create an NUID, if they do not already have one, and then request access to the student's information through TrueYou. Third, the student will select which types of access they want the parent/guest to have through WildcatsOnline. Last, the parent/guest will view the student's information through WildcatsOnline. For instructions on each part of the Parent/Guest Access process please click one of the steps below: 


Step 1. Invite, Create, Request Parent/Guest to Access your Information

Step 2. Grant Parent/Guest Access

Step 3. View Student’s Information in WildcatsOnline

Change, Delete, Parent/Guest Access


Please contact the Service Center for further assistance at servicecenter@wsc.edu or 402-375-7107.


Last Updated: 11/25/2019