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Our programs prepare graduates who are proficient in the latest computer technology.

About the Department

Computers are a part of nearly every facet of day-to-day life. If you are ready to prepare for careers in information technology and computer science, you'll find a home in the Computer Technology and Information Systems Department. You’ll have access to the latest technology in a variety of computer labs and instructional classrooms. You’ll learn principles and concepts of computing along with organizational and business concepts, so you’ll gain practical knowledge to apply to a real-world career. You’ll gain skills in the areas of programming, networking, systems and development, computer hardware, operating systems, and databases – all the areas you need to be successful in a computer technology career.

Our students also learn outside of the classroom, landing prestigious internships, student-to-business consulting, and Service-Learning projects. Our faculty can help with placement services for both internships and jobs after graduation. Our students are very active on campus, participating in several honoraries and student organizations.

Kelsey Dietrich

“I like how the coursework in some of the classes overlaps, so it really helps me learn the material. Some of the things we learn about are complex, but the professors made me feel comfortable throughout the curriculum. Most of my friends come from the CTIS department. I know everyone, and it’s nice to have the support of each other. I like that in this department I have many options regarding a career. I can go more on the business side or technical/coder side of things.”


Kelsey Dietrich '17

Hometown: Laurel, Neb.
B.S. Applied E-Commerce (Computer Information Systems)


Computer Technology and Information Systems Programs

Choose from a variety of computer and information technology majors, or enhance your education by adding on a second major or minor. Explore your options here.

Program Name Bachelor's Pre-Professional or Affiliate Master's Minor Education Field Endorsement Education Subject Endorsement Supplemental Endorsement
Business and Information Technology Education - Online Master's Degree Option (MSE)     Explore         
Computer Information Systems Explore      Explore       
Computer Science Explore      Explore       
Information Technology Education (PK-12) Explore             
Information Technology Management - Online Master's Degree (MSOM)     Explore         
Integrated Technology Support Explore             
Interdisciplinary Studies Explore    Explore  Explore       
Management Information Systems       Explore       
Networking and Cybersecurity (Computer Information Systems) Explore             
Organizational Management - Online Master's Degree (MSOM)     Explore         
Programmer / Analyst (Computer Information Systems) Explore             
Web Specialist (Computer Information Systems) Explore             
Tim Garvin, Ph.D.

“Whether you know precisely which field of computing you wish to pursue, or if you wish to explore the range of fields to discover your interests, the computing academic programs at Wayne State College are well-equipped to serve you. The computer science, computer information systems, and management information systems programs offered by the CTIS Department deliver a balance of theory and practice to establish and enhance your knowledge and skills. Foundation courses applicable to all degree programs will permit you to explore a wide range of topics and computing fields before finalizing your choice of degree program. Co-curricular activities such as student computing groups, guest speakers, tours, participation in contests, and other activities provide great opportunities for you to supplement your learning beyond the classroom.”


Tim Garvin, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Professor of Computer Technology



Outside the Classroom

At Wayne State College, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your education by participating in clubs, organizations, and more.

Student clubs and organizations

Clubs and Organizations

WSC Service-Learning


Make a difference in the community while learning skills you can apply toward your future career. Wayne State’s Service-Learning program has received national awards in recognition of outstanding community service, with more than 400 students participating in Service-Learning projects each semester.

Computer Student Activites


  • Competitions, trips, and more – Show your skills and compete for awards at robotics and programming competitions, attend guest speaker events, and tour professional IT facilities to learn more about your field and meet pros in the industry.
  • Community events – Conduct workshops to help teach computing topics to local senior citizen groups, help promote the technology recycling program, serve as a judge for the Web Wizardry Competition, and even present at local schools for technology career days
Student Teaching and Clinical Practice for Education Majors


We encourage all students to complete an internship before graduating to build your portfolio and gain experience in this field of study. If you’re an education major, you’ll need to complete clinical practice (student teaching). Career Services is also available to help you find internship opportunities.

Learn From the Best

Our faculty are accomplished. Several are highly regarded as experts and have been recognized with notable honors and awards. And with a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be sure to receive an excellent education in a personalized setting with a friendly atmosphere.

Scholarships and Aid

In addition to having the region’s most affordable tuition, we offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. Learn more about scholarships for students pursuing careers in computer information systems and information technology.

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