Wayne State College

Teams FAQs


1. What is the difference between the web app and the desktop app?

A. Web app is accessed via a web browser (Firefox, Chrome) and may have some limitations.  All WSC computers should have access to the desktop app.


2. Why aren’t my new channels showing up?

A. The new channel needs to be unhidden. Check out the New Channel help sheet. 


3. How do I work on/view a file in the browser/application and still use Teams?

A. Select the 3 dots and choose how you'd like to open the file (browser, desktop app, download). Check out the video


4. Why isn’t everyone’s webcam video on screen during a meeting/call?

A.  This is a current limitation of Teams.  As they continue to develop the product, more are being added. 


5. How do I use Teams for video chats?

A. Instantly start a video chat

B. Join a Teams video chat


6. How do I sync files from Teams to the file explorer on my PC?

A. Open the Team, click on the Channel name with files to sync, select the Files tab at the top, then click Sync. 

Note: The syncing process must be done on each PC you will use.


7. Where do I find the files after I have synced them from Teams?

A. Open File Explorer on your computer. Browse to Wayne State College (image of 2 buildings next to it) A folder will appear underneath with what you've synced.


8. What do I do if there are files that are missing after NATS migrated them to Teams.

A. Check the G:Drive first, do those files/folders still exist in the G:Drive?  If yes, then they haven't been migrated yet.  Please send a request to the Teams group to have those folders migrated.

9. How do I remove folders that I have synced to my PC?

A. You have to stop the sync first and then delete your files and folders. Complete the steps as followed:

1. Click on a little blue cloud icon in your computer’s taskbar.
2. From the pop-up that appears, click on More.
3. From another pop-up that appears, choose Settings
4. To un-sync, click on Stop Sync next to the location you want to stop synchronizing.
5. You will then get a confirmation message; press the Stop Sync button.
6. Then press OK – you are all set. You will see the green checkbox (that you normally see appear over the yellow folder) gone – meaning there is no more synchronization in place and no link between SharePoint document library and your computer. 
7. You can now delete files and folders without the fear of wiping out content from Teams. 

For more videos and support check out the Microsoft Teams Training page and the Microsoft Teams Support page. 

Last Updated: 7/21/21