Wayne State College

Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees at Wayne State College are determined by several factors, including: number of credit hours the student is enrolled in; the student’s residency status; location/instruction mode - on-campus, off-campus, or online; and the course level - courses numbered 100-499 will be charged at the undergraduate rate and courses numbered 500-799 will be charged at the graduate rate.


2023-24 Cost Information


Undergraduate Tuition Rates

Residency / Location Tuition Per Credit Hour
Nebraska resident / Nebraska Access Program $192
Non-resident / full rate $192
College Center - resident $192
College Center - non-resident $192
Criminal Justice, Human Resource Management, Business Management

The Nebraska Access Program automatically awards resident rates to all non-resident, incoming freshmen who are in the upper half of their high school class, or have a 3.25 GPA, or an ACT score of at least 22 or an SAT of at least 1100.

Undergraduate, non-resident students who do not qualify for the Nebraska Access Program are subject to an additional $1 per credit hour for the One Rate Waiver.


Graduate Tuition Rates

Residency / Location Tuition Per Credit Hour
Nebraska resident $240
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota or Wisconsin resident $360
Non-resident / full rate $480
College Center - resident $240
College Center - non-resident $240
Online (special rate)
MSE in Curriculum and Instruction, MSE in Special Education
Online (regular rate)
MBA, MSOM, MSE in School Administration, MSE in Counseling, Ed.S., Interdisciplinary Studies


Note about online rates: Online rates are inclusive of tuition and fees. Tuition scholarships will be credited equal to the value of the current resident undergraduate tuition rate per credit hour.


On-Campus Fees (per credit hour)

College Support Fee - $60.80 (no maximum)
Includes capital improvement fee, facilities fee, technology fee, and general support fee.

Student Health - $6.30 (no maximum)
Enables Wayne State to provide students with general health care assistance and first aid.

Student Activity - $6.25 ($75 maximum)
Funds are designated for student activities, which are managed by student groups. The Student Senate distributes these funds annually.


Off-Campus Fees (per credit hour)

Extended Campus Fee - $59.30 (no maximum)
Includes extended/off-campus fee, capital improvement fee, event fee, and technology fee.


Other Costs

Students should be prepared to pay miscellaneous costs as noted below, in addition to tuition, fees, room and board.

Indirect Costs

These are estimates for additional costs you may incur while attending Wayne State College that are not billed to your student account.

Item Estimate
Books and supplies $1,488
Transportation $2,268
Miscellaneous personal expenses $1,422
Loan fees (undergraduate) $39
Loan fees (graduate) $120

Estimates are based on an annual amount.

Books and Supplies

Books are purchased separately and available through the WSC Bookstore. You may pay out of pocket for your books at any time. If you have accepted any financial aid and scholarship(s) and qualify to receive a book credit to use at the WSC Bookstore, you may purchase your books and supplies as early as three weeks before classes begin through the fifth day of classes in the fall and spring semesters (second day of classes during the summer semester). The charges will be applied to your student account. You will receive any remaining financial aid as a refund AFTER school starts. Please review the college’s financial aid refund processing policies for more information. 

Book credit is an advance of your anticipated excess financial aid and is to be used for educational expenses only. If you used financial aid and are later found ineligible, or decide not to attend school, you are responsible for any balances, if applicable. The bookstore credit limit available is set at $1,000 per semester. Please call or email the Student Financial Services Office if you wish to increase your credit limit and you have additional financial aid credit available.

Note: Past due debts will prevent a book credit from generating. Federal or refundable scholarship aid used for bookstore purchases will reduce your refund check. 

Identification Card

Each student is provided a CAT card for accessing campus facilities, services, and campus activities. The cost of the CAT card is included in the mandatory student fees and should be kept by the student from year to year. Replacement cards can be obtained from the Campus Service Center at a cost of $25 per replacement card. For more information visit the Identification Card (CAT card) help sheet.

Parking Permit

The cost of a parking permit is included in the mandatory student fees. Students can make a request for a parking permit via the parking permit link through WildcatsOnline. You will see the permit link at the top of the dashboard once you log in (link available in July).

Fees for Specific Courses

Students registering in some courses may be assessed a course, lab or lesson fee. These fees are generally charged for private music lessons, science laboratory courses, etc. These fees are included on your billing statement and should be paid along with your tuition and fees.

Course and lab fees: Varies. See Catalog/Class Schedule for specific courses.

Other Fees

New Student Orientation Fee: $95
Late payment fee: 2% (max $100) (if bill is not paid in full or acceptable payment arrangements have not been made by due date)
Music locker rental: $10 per semester
Music instrument rental fee: $10 per semester
Returned check charge: $30
Transcript fee: $5
Reinstatement fee: $100