Wayne State College


Cost and Valid Dates

All motorized vehicles operated by student, faculty, staff, and Rec Center members must be registered and have a valid parking permit, properly displayed, to park on the Wayne State College campus. 2023-24 parking permits are valid from the first day of classes for the 2023-24 fall semester (Aug. 21, 2023) to the first day of the 2024-25 fall semester. 

The cost of a student parking permit is built into the mandatory student fees charged based on the number of enrolled credit hours. Enrolled students who wish to request a parking permit can log into WildcatsOnline and complete the Parking Permit Application. 

For all faculty and staff, and for students needing a motorcycle permit, prices are shown in the chart below:

Permit Type  Cost
Annual vehicle $50
Annual reserved in Hahn $80
Annual motorcycle $20
Spring/summer $30
Summer only $20

In addition, all motorized vehicles are required by state law to be registered either in the State of Nebraska or the vehicle owner’s state of record. (Vehicles found to be in violation will be immobilized). 

A parking permit may be used only by the person to whom it was issued and only on the registered vehicle.