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Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Graduate Program

Become a superintendent in this online program.

About the Degree

The Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is a 33-hour program offered totally online and is available for those individuals desiring a School Superintendent position.

The program standards, conceptual framework, and outcomes are aligned with requirements contained in Nebraska Department of Education Rules 21 and 24 (mandated), the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA). Students who complete the Ed.S. Degree may be certified to work as a school administrator at any level in a P-12 school system. 

Admission Criteria

The applicant must possess a Master's degree or endorsement in education-school administration from an accredited institution. 

Educators who hold a graduate degree in another field, and have at least two years of teaching experience, may embark upon the specialist program while completing masters-level, school administration deficiency hours (usually 24 credit hours).


  • EDU 700 The Superintendency (3)
  • EDU 704 School Law for Administrators (3)
  • EDU 705 Problem Resolution in Educational Organizations (3)
  • EDU 710 School Improvement Planning (3)
  • EDU 725 Educational Facilities Planning (3)
  • EDU 730 Human Resources Administration (3)
  • EDU 740 Educational Finance and Business Management (3)
  • EDU 750 School and Community Relations (3)
  • EDU 760 Information Management (3)
  • EDU 786 Advanced Internship In Educational Leadership (3)

Elective: EDU 790 Special Topics in Educational Administration (3) or course at 600 level or above approved by adviser.


Dr. Jim Ossian
Professor of Education Leadership
Brandenburg Education Building
Room 114
Phone: 402-375-7185
Email: jaossia1@wsc.edu

The 15-Hour Interview

After the completion of 15 program hours, the student’s adviser and one other faculty member in school administration will conduct an interview to assess student progress and garner feedback on the relevancy of the program. If the student is within easy driving distance of the WSC campus, the interview will be in person. If not, the interview will be conducted via a telephone conference call or a Skype video conference, depending upon the technology resources available to the student.

Iowa Students

To comply with the Iowa Board of Examiners’ requirements, Iowa students need to complete a sequence of workshops on Iowa school finance. Local Iowa AEAs offer these workshops, and higher education institutions in Iowa offer graduate credit for this experience.

This graduate credit may be substituted on Wayne State’s EdS program in place of EDU 740, Educational Finance and Business Management. In addition, Iowa students will need to complete a course in the administration of special education. WSC offers SPD 611 online in the June summer session, which meets Iowa certification requirements, and this course may be used as an elective rather than EDU 790, Special Topics.


Upon degree completion, the student should contact WSC Certification Officer Phyllis Spethman at 402-375-7373, Brandenburg Education Building Room 208, to process the additional administrative endorsement level to his or her teaching certificate.

The Nebraska Department of Education, beginning September 2015, requires successful completion of the Praxis II School Superintendent Assessment. Our program of study is designed to prepare you for such a test, but performance on that test may depend on many issues beyond the control of our department, including but not limited to prior professional educational knowledge, teaching and administrative experiences, test taking skills, and the candidate’s retention of course material.