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Application Instructions

Apply online for admission to Graduate Studies

Apply online now. If you have questions about applying to Wayne State, please contact:

Office of Admissions
Phone: 800-228-9972 ext. 7234

Official Transcripts

One official set of transcripts from the undergraduate institution conferring the baccalaureate degree must be sent directly to the WSC Admissions Office. Admission for Education Specialist requires one official set of transcripts from the institution conferring the education master degree in sent directly to the WSC Admissions Office.  Applicant must possess a degree or endorsement in education-school administration from an accredited institution.  

Submit a Statement of Purpose

Submit a Statement of Purpose to the Dean of the School of Education and Counseling on "Why I am Interested in Becoming a School Superintendent."

The essay should be completed as a Microsoft Word Document, double-spaced and in 12-point font.

Your essay will be evaluated on organization, content, mechanics and grammar using a four-point rubric: 1=not acceptable; 2=acceptable, 3=target; 4= exemplary. 

Your essay should address the following items:

  • Describe your background.
  • How did your interest in school administration evolve?
  • What leadership experiences have you had to this point in your career?
  • What personal characteristics and professional skills do you possess that would contribute to your potential for becoming an effective school superintendent?
  • Other than your graduate program of study, how do you plan to prepare yourself for a role in school district leadership? 

Send your statement to:
Dean of the School of Education & Counseling
Wayne State College
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE 68787 

Submit Personal References 

Select three former or current school administrators as references.

Ask each to contact Dr. Jim Ossian via email at jaossia1@wsc.edu.

Dr. Ossian will email a questionnaire to them, which is designed to obtain feedback about your potential for completing an Ed.S. program of study in school administration and for becoming a successful school administrator.


All application materials must be received and on file in the dean's office before the student will be allowed to progress beyond the first 12 credit hours taken at Wayne State.


This application process need not be repeated for those students who have completed a Master's level degree or endorsement at Wayne State under the new procedures.