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Canvas - Student Accessing Your Turnitin Similarity Report

This document describes how to access the Turnitin similarity report for your assignment submissions in Canvas.

The Turnitin similarity checker is an option that can be enabled on assignments in your Canvas course. If your instructor enables this option, Turnitin will generate a report indicating how original your submission is compared to a defined set of materials. Depending on the settings selected by your instructor, you may be able to view the similarity report shortly after you submission or after the assignment has been graded. Your instructor may also choose not to allow students to view the similarity reports.

If your instructor has allowed students to view Turnitin similarity reports, you will be able to access it via the grades section of your Canvas course.


Note: a Turnitin Similarity Report is only viewable in the online version of Canvas. The report is not available through the Canvas Student app.


1. Go to your Canvas course and select the Grades option from the course navigation menu.

2. Click on the green, yellow, or red flag next to your assignment grade in order to view your originality report. If you don't see a flag, there isn't an originality report available for that assignment.

3. If prompted, click I agree to accept the Turnitin End-User License Agreement.

4. Turnitin will display your similarity report. The report will highlight any sections of your submission that match text found in the comparison set. The report also has a similarity score, indicating how much of your content matches the comparison set.

Last Updated: 7/26/22