Wayne State College

Art and Design Survival Guide

Advising and Registration Hints


Students are encouraged to plan a daily schedule before meeting with their advisor or at the time of advisement. Days and time periods for fall or spring classes are generally circulated around campus two weeks prior to the registration period. Students should immediately contact their advisor to sign up for a meeting time. All new students should peruse the first 40 pages of the college catalog in order to be familiar with the content of that material. For detailed information on requirements for specific majors and sample programs of study, visit www.wsc.edu/programs

Registration Hints and Information

A note on General Education courses: 
Many of you may have been advised to get your General Education courses out of the way before you start with your major. This is good advice only if you have not declared a major (undeclared). General Education courses are offered in multiple sections and at many times, but classes for majors in Art and Design rarely have more than one section and are generally offered only once a year, or, in some cases, every third or even fourth semester! It is far better to register for available classes in your major and then fill in your schedule with General Education requirements. 

Before registering:
All students: You should check and print your academic requirements in Wildcats online, which is the list of the classes you have taken and the grades received. If you are a first-semester freshman, it will be a very short list. Use your academic requirements along with the class schedule worksheets to create a preliminary schedule and keep track of the courses you’ve taken. Check the catalog to determine what courses remain to be taken in your major as well as the required General Education courses you have yet to take. It’s a good idea to take this preliminary material to your registration appointment with your advisor.