Wayne State College

Art and Design Survival Guide


The Department of Art and Design Mission Statement

The Department of Art and Design is dedicated to developing and expanding students' intellectual, aesthetic, and creative development through its commitment to high standards and quality programs in art education, graphic design, and studio art. A strong foundation in design and drawing fundamentals is combined with a broad range of studio experiences, art history, exhibitions, and visiting artists to provide students the opportunity to acquire the skills, problem-solving ability, self-awareness, and aesthetic growth necessary to pursue careers or advanced study in their respective fields.

The Department of Art and Design Goals

The undergraduate goals of the Department of Art and Design are:

  1. To prepare art majors at the baccalaureate level for the pursuit of careers in K-12 art education, graphic design, and studio art.
  2. To provide students with knowledge about the use of traditional and new technologies, materials, and techniques related to visual arts.
  3. To provide rich cultural and aesthetic visual experiences which contribute to the college, community, and the society at large.
  4. To prepare art students for graduate school in K-12 art education, graphic design, and studio art programs.

A Note from Joshua Piersanti, Art Department Chair

Our faculty recognizes that pursuing a degree in art and design can be one of the most satisfying, interesting, and rewarding endeavors that a student could ever undertake. We are pleased that you have chosen the Department of Art and Design at Wayne State College, and we will do all that we can to make your experience worthwhile. We rely upon you to fulfill your academic responsibilities, to maintain communications with your academic advisors and to be an active participant in this exciting, innovative and challenging program of study. This handbook is intended to help facilitate this process and answer some of the questions you may have while pursuing your major concentration in studio art, K-12 art education or graphic design.