Wayne State College

Art and Design Survival Guide

Assessment Goals and Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate technical competency with various media
  2. Demonstrate aesthetic growth/formalism
  3. Synthesize content/context/subject matter
  4. Compose visual presentations of works
  5. Compose oral and written presentations about works

It is the intent of the Department of Art and Design to provide our students with both knowledge-based and skill-based outcomes necessary for satisfactory completion of the college degree requirements. The art faculty is committed to this ongoing process of self-evaluation to ensure that the highest quality educational standards are met. We seek feedback from a variety of sources to monitor our assessment program and continue efforts to maintain and improve our curriculum. Student input is a necessary component in this process.

Grading work in our classes is only one way to record student progress. Student work displays in classrooms and hallways provide for open discussion about artwork. More public arenas for exhibition are the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery, the Hahn stairwell display case and the Student Showcase Gallery in the Student Center. These highly visible spaces encourage critique and dialogue about art. Competitive exhibits such as the Student Juried Show and events like the Senior Portfolio and Senior Exhibit give students the opportunity to highlight their best achievements.

Student performance is also measured in the Sophomore and Senior Reviews. In order for students to gain competency in our major programs they must first learn foundational skills and concepts. The “core” includes classes in drawing, design, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. During the reviews, the Art and Design faculty meet with students to discuss their progress in these introductory courses. Students prepare a digital portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge and skills in several areas. Observations and recommendations are then recorded and shared with the student.