Wayne State College

Art and Design Survival Guide

Art Major Survival Tips

  • The official WSC Catalog can only be found online on the WSC website: www.wsc.edu/catalog. Be aware that this survival guide in no way replaces that information. 
  • Please note the mission statement and read over the general information and the undergraduate programs in the first part of the catalog. 
  • Lockers are assigned during the beginning of the first semester. Signs will be posted with details in the Studio Arts Building. 
  • In addition to class hours, the studio arts facilities are also available during evening hours; check with instructors and the postings around the Studio Arts Building for the current schedule. 
  • An art and design social is held within the first month of the fall semester and students are expected to attend. New students, both freshmen and transfer students, will be given information to help them matriculate as new members to the department.
  • It is important that students not only have a valid WSC email account but that they begin the practice of checking their accounts daily. Much communication regarding advising, registering for graduation, and general communication between students and faculty takes place electronically. Also, faculty will be contacting students via email for advising several weeks before registration to schedule appointments.
  • An art tutor is available for all WSC students enrolled in art courses.
  • The juried-student scholarship show takes place at the end of the spring semester.
  • Students are expected to maintain a digital portfolio of their finished works. Save all of your assignments, even ones you might not think are your best work.
  • There are two student art organizations which provide opportunities for leadership and personal enrichment. Both the Art Club and the Art Education Association sponsor field trips and educational and social activities.
  • There is a long established Visiting Artist Program where at least two regionally/nationally recognized (out-of-town) artists display in the Nordstrand Visual Arts Gallery a wide range of media that expand upon the department studio art courses. Students are expected to attend the artist presentations and/or demonstrations as well as the opening receptions.
  • Students may be required to attend a field trip each semester to regional art venues.
  • The Department of Art and Design offers a number of different scholarships of varying amounts, determined each year by the scholarship committee. Full-time students and part-time art and design majors who are enrolled in art courses at Wayne State College are eligible for scholarships as long as they are degree-seeking and maintaining satisfactory grades.
  • Students who are close to graduating must apply for graduation. Keep track of your degree requirements and responsibilities.
  • An appointment must be made with your advisor before enrolling in classes (an advisor will be assigned to you). It is your responsibility to make an appointment during scheduled advising sessions and to have a sample schedule worked out before advising.
  • If you do not have an advisor, please notify the art and design department chair.
  • Students are required to work outside of class on projects throughout the semester.
  • Art supplies cost money! Set aside funds to purchase supplies and materials for the semester. There is a course materials fee that covers some expendable materials for your studio courses, but you will also be required to purchase additional materials.
  • Class attendance is expected and required. Arrive on time, and work the entire class period. Make other appointments during times that class meetings are not scheduled. Establish good work habits and a professional attitude early.
  • You are expected to be ready to work when arriving to class. Always bring your supplies and be ready to work.
  • Be sure to pay attention during demonstrations and safety lectures, because this is very important information. Students who do not attend demonstrations and safety lectures are not permitted to use any of the equipment in the Studio Arts Building.