Wayne State College

Student Receives Recognition from Nebraska Banking Leader

Published Friday, December 15th, 2023

Kelly Lammers and Emily Woockman
WSC student Emily Woockman (right) shows off the challenge coin she received from Kelly Lammers, director of the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance. Lammers presented Woockman with the challenge coin for the initiative she displayed when contacting him.

Emily Woockman received a challenge coin from Kelly Lammers, director of the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, for her initiative when contacting him.

Taking the initiative paid off in a big way for Wayne State College student Emily Woockman of Wausa.

Kelly Lammers, director of the Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance, gave Woockman a challenge coin because she demonstrated great initiative and fortitude when contacting him to serve as a guest speaker for an event she was organizing.

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion that usually display’s an organization’s logo or emblem.

“Mr. Lammers gave me the coin because he thought I showed great leadership by contacting him to speak to the Delta Sigma Pi chapter at Wayne State,” said Woockman, who is studying Agribusiness and Economics at Wayne State. “Being in his position, he tends to have people nervous and scared about contacting him, but he appreciated my initiative.”

It wasn’t Woockman’s first encounter with Lammers. The two had previously met at another event.

“What a guy! I met him at a conference last summer and networked with him after he spoke,” said Woockman. “When it came time to find a guest speaker to address Delta Sigma Pi, I knew he would be the perfect choice to talk about the future of banking and recent developments in the world of banking.”

Woockman said the coin is a symbol of service to Nebraskans with commitment and integrity, and who are dedicated to financial education, protection, and financial services.

Woockman, a 2022 graduate of Wausa Public High School, is the daughter of Otto and Rita Woockman.

Delta Sigma Pi is a coed professional business organization that focuses on the professional development of its members. It hosts several community service, fundraising, and social events to strengthen its brotherhood. Wayne State’s Eta Pi chapter received the 2019-20 Most Outstanding Chapter Award for the Great Plains Region.

Delta Sigma Pi membership is open to all students in Business, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Sport Management, Industrial Management, and Fashion Merchandising programs. It’s also open to any Music Industry students who have a minor in Business.