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TRiO Student Support Services


Individual Attention

Each TRiO Student Support Services student is welcomed by a member of the professional staff who will serve as that student's TRiO Student Support Services advisor. Together, the student and the advisor will create a plan for academic success that includes an assessment of the student's skills and abilities, individualized instruction (when needed) in math and writing, and frequently scheduled appointments to monitor ongoing progress. 

Personal Support

TRiO Student Support Services personal support services are like a safety net as the student adjusts to the demands of greater independence and responsibility that are a part of college life. 
Among the services are:

  • TRiO Bridge pre-college experience
  • TRiO Student Support Services Peer Mentor program
  • academic, personal, and career counseling
  • financial aid and scholarship assistance
  • FAQ center to assist student in understanding campus policies and practices

Academic Support

  • TRiO SSS academic support services include:
  • academic advising & course selection guidance
  • Succeeding in College course
  • Choosing Academic Success course
  • one-on-one peer tutoring
  • writing skills professional tutoring
  • math skills professional tutoring
  • individual study skills assistance to improve time management and organization, note taking, study techniques and test taking strategies


The TRiO Student Support Services mission is to empower students with disabilities to lead healthy and enriched lives. We work collaboratively with the Disability Services Office on campus to ensure equal learning opportunities for students with disabilities.

Contact the Disability Services Office at 402-375-7321 for information pertaining to a planned program of disability-related services and accommodations that include:

  • assistance in arranging accommodations
  • books on tape
  • alternative exam arrangements
  • other accommodations that may enable students with special needs to take full advantage of their college experience and to function as independently as possible in the process