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Need help with your classes? Peer tutoring can help you gain confidence in your test taking abilities by reinforcing the important points of reading material, lectures, or labs. Discussing difficult material with a tutor can make the entire course more understandable. The two of you can cover problem areas or review for exams. You can work on learning skills that will make it possible for you to succeed in all of your college classes.

TRIO Student Support Services peer tutors are trained, experienced upper-class students who have figured out how and what to study. They know the instructors and the classes you are enrolled in. Peer tutors can offer advice to you in academic subject areas, as well as assisting with: adjusting to college life, getting organized, having effective listening skills, overcoming test anxiety and math anxiety, improving reading and writing skills, and understanding different teaching styles. See your TRIO advisor to line up your first tutoring appointment. The rest is up to you.