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Health, Human Performance and Sport (HHPS)


The Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport is committed to Wayne State College's role in regional development while focusing on student learning and knowledge application. We promote healthy lifestyles and prepare students in fields related to sport and health enhancement. The department focuses on programs in Applied Human and Sport Physiology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Sport Management. Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and incorporating scholarly activity within the learning environment.


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Meet the HHPS 2014-2015 Graduate Assistants






1. To promote healthy lifestyles within the college community and region by offering wellness related services.


2. To prepare educators who will pursue professional excellence in teaching, community service and health promotion.


3. To prepare professionals to assume leadership roles in wellness and fitness programs which promote healthy lifestyles that serve to enhance quality of life.


4. To provide graduate studies in Sport Management and Exercise Science.


5. To offer coursework that meets state coaching endorsement requirements.


6. To develop student knowledge in sport management and its practical application in professional settings.


For successfully meeting established criteria, the National Strength and Conditioning Association officially recognizes Wayne State College's program in Strength and Conditioning as established by the NSCA Education Recognition Program. The exercise science majorat WSC falls under this recognition.


RHOP - Rural Health Opportunities Program


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Dr. Tammy Evetovich

Dean, Natural & Social Sciences

(402) 375-7030

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