Wayne State College

Academic Advising

Student Responsibilities

Within the first two weeks of classes:

  • Find out the name of your advisor (from your Wildcats Online account, the Holland Academic Success Center, an academic dean, or the Registrar’s Office).
  • Make an appointment to see your advisor.
  • Introduce yourself to your advisor.

Before your appointment with your advisor:

  • Review the catalog (on-line) and read the specific  requirements which must be completed within your major/endorsement.
  • Print a copy or review your unofficial transcript from Wildcats Online and bring notes to the meeting with your advisor.
  • Make a list of possible future courses you wish to enroll in and jot down specific questions about the courses and your future plans.

During your appointment, visit with your advisor concerning:

  • Your life and career plans, academic goals, major field interest areas and electives.
  • Present the outline of your course work and talk about the time frame for program, course or degree completion.
  • Discuss the specific or general requirements which you have noted from your catalog with your advisor. Ask for clarification.

Prior to pre-registration:

  • Make an appointment with your advisor.
  • Check on-line class schedule choices.
  • Review the class schedule and prepare a preliminary semester schedule.

Review with your advisor:

  • The courses for the next registration period recorded on your preliminary schedule.
  • How your next semester’s classes fit in with your overall program.
  • Receive registration instructions from your advisor and follow posted information.

Don't forget: 

  • Periodically stop by and inform your advisor about how you are getting along.
  • If you have a double major or endorsement it is a good idea to have an academic advisor for both fields of study.