Wayne State College

Academic Coaching and Advising

Holland Academic Success Center coaches create a personal and confidential relationship with students to focus on academic goals. Specific plans for these goals are structured in weekly individual meetings throughout the semester.

Academic Coaching

  • Motivates students to take ownership of their academic success.
  • Focuses students on their academic goals and helps them identify the steps to reach them.
  • Develops time management skills.
  • Encourages use of all available campus resources.
  • Does not take the place of program advisors.

For an appointment or further information, contact the Holland Academic Success Center at 402-375-7496.

Advising Services

Advising Services is a place where students can receive one-on-one guidance during their Wayne State College experience. 

We will help you:

  • Develop an educational plan
  • Arrange the best possible class schedule
  • Register for classes for the upcoming term
  • Work with Career Services to help you determine your major or career
  • Complete a change of major/advisor form
  • Prepare for graduation
  • Listen to any concerns you have about college
  • Complete your degree path to graduation

We advise:

  • Students who are still exploring majors
  • Freshmen
  • Transfer students
  • Walk-in WSC students who have an advising question

Current sample programs of study can be found on the program pages or ask your advisor.