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Academic Advising

Academic Advising FAQs

General Questions

I am in academic trouble, what should I do?

Seek help from your academic advisor, Holland Academic Success Center, TRIO Student Support Services, or other offices on campus. Don’t worry about choosing just the right office as you will be referred to the best place to assist you.

What is a student email address?

All students are provided a username and password to access an account established for them on our WSC computer network. Details are noted on the Network and Technology Services page.

Why should I check and answer email?

It is important to check your email every day, as there may be messages from one of your instructors or a campus office.

Will my teachers answer email?

Each faculty member has a policy usually listed in your class syllabi regarding the best way to contact that teacher. If you do not receive an immediate response, it’s always a good idea to follow-up your request with a phone call and/or visit to the faculty’s office.

Why and how should I check for letters delivered through the Postal Service or campus mail system?

Some official notices and reminders are still sent through the US Postal System and delivered to your home mailbox or Residence Hall mailbox. You may also receive personal letters and/or packages through the mail system.

How do I change my address so I receive my mail?

Students can change their address online in their WildcatsOnline account or stop by the Records and Registration Office to complete a change form.

How do I know if my contact information is correct?

Check your WildcatsOnline account to see if all information is correct.

How can I eat lunch if I have classes over the noon hour?

Show the food service a copy of your class schedule any semester that classes are scheduled over the lunch hour. If you’re scheduled outside the regular flex time open at either upper or lower cafeteria locations, a sack lunch will be made for you.

Why should I buy books?

Students need to have books to prepare for homework and exams. It’s a good idea to have your own book (rather than sharing with another student) so you can highlight important sections or take notes as you study. If you decide to sell your book at the end of the semester, it will be considered “used," even if you barely use it or if you really use the book to prepare and study for exams.

Does WSC have any tutors?

The Holland Center Help Desk staff consists of 27 upper-level students who are highly recommended by their academic departments and meet stringent qualifications.  The Holland Academic Success Center coordinates the “drop-in” Help Desk program offering help for most academic departments. The Help Desk staff and the Holland Academic Success Center are both located in the Conn Library.  

How can I find a Help Desk staff member?

Check the Holland Academic Success Center in the Conn Library for a complete list of tutors, or review the peer tutor online.

What subjects have tutors?

Most General Education courses have tutors and a number of non-general education courses, as well.

Why would a WSC staff or faculty call me?

We might call you to check on any problem or concerns you might be experiencing. Faculty use the Early Alert system to notify the Holland Staff if you are doing poorly in class, chronically absent from class, or having other problems that affect academic performance.

Academic Advising Questions 

Who is my advisor?

Every student will be assigned an academic advisor. The academic advisor will be a faculty member in the same department as your major. If you haven’t chosen a major or have changed to “undecided”, you will be advised by a Student Services’ advisor. Students with more than one major may have more than one advisor.

How do I find out my advisor's name?

A student’s academic advisor is listed in the students’ WildcatsOnline account. Some departments will post a list of students and assigned advisors. Other departments may choose to send a letter with the advisor’s contact information, such as phone and campus address.

Can I change to a different academic advisor? How does this work?

Students may request a different advisor by contacting the department office in your major or the Holland Academic Success Center if you are an undeclared student.

Where is my advisor?

Each academic advisor has an office on campus. The offices are usually in the same building where most of the classes for a major are scheduled. Each building has a list of faculty offices. Student Services’ advisors have offices in the Student Center.

What is the best way to contact my advisor (email, phone, stop by his or her office)?

Each advisor will hold some office hours. Faculty members often schedule office hours around their teaching schedule. Consequently, the office hours may be different each semester. Please check the schedules posted near faculty offices or call to make an appointment. Academic advisors in Student Services usually meet students by appointment. A phone call or visit to the advisor’s office is the best way to make an appointment.

How do I find my advisor’s office?

Check the faculty roster in campus buildings. Stop by any office in the Student Center and they will be
happy to refer you to the Student Services’ advisors.

What are my advisor’s office hours?

Faculty office hours are posted by their doors or listed in class syllabi. Other advisors usually make appointments with students around the student and advisors’ other commitments.

How do I drop a class?

Classes can be dropped in WildcatsOnline. If your account does not allow you to drop the class online, contact your academic advisor or the Records and Registration Office for assistance.

How do I add a class?

Classes can be added in WildcatsOnline. If your account does not allow you to add the class online or a deadline to add classes has passed, contact your academic advisor or the Records and Registration Office for assistance.

Are there any classes that can be added after the semester starts?

There are a number of one and two credit hour courses that begin at the middle of the semester. See the course list online.

What classes do I have left to take?

Student requirements are listed in their WildcatsOnline account. The classes are summarized in a part of your account called Academic Requirements. The classes are also listed in your degree audit. More details are noted in the question “What are my academic requirements?”

Will my advisor call me?

It is your responsibility to contact your advisor to introduce yourself and make regular appointments to monitor your progress toward graduation. However, your academic advisor may call you to discuss your academic progress or to follow-up regarding an academic question.

What is General Education and why do I have to take those classes?

General Education classes are required for all students at WSC, regardless of the major you choose. This includes classes in many different subjects. Talk to your academic advisor to learn more about your choices.

How do I calculate or figure out my grade point average (GPA)?

Students can keep track of their GPA by entering your grades each semester into a GPA calculator. You will need to know how many credit hours you earned in each class to use the calculator. Try this at: http://www.wsc.edu/advising_services/services/gpa_calc/

What kind of class is Freshman Experience?

Freshman Experience is a 2-credit course designed to assist students in improving learning efficiency and effectiveness for all facets of college. Learning styles and personality assessments are used to explain how each student learns and interacts. Not a required course, but highly recommended for all new college students. Freshman Experience credit does not count toward degree credit.

Who should take Freshman Experience or other General Studies classes?

Students who want to insure the best outcome of his/her first or second semester of college should consider enrolling in Freshman Experience.  This class serves as a bridge from high school to college.  Probably topics covered in this class include: note-taking, test-taking, effective textbook reading, college resources, money matters, communication, relationships, and psychology of success.

Class or Records Office Questions

What is Wildcatsonline?

WildcatsOnline is the current web-based WSC “Student Records” system.

To access WildcatsOnline:

  • Login to myWSC and locate WildcatsOnline under the list of applications

Once logged in to WildcatsOnline, you can:

  • View your Personal Information on file with Wayne State College
  • View Course History, your Class Schedule, and Search for Classes
  • View Academic Requirements page (degree audit)
  • View your Unofficial Transcript
  • View Account Balance, make Credit Card Payments, and view detailed billing information
  • View any documents you need to submit to the Financial Aid Office under your "To Do List"

What is a guest sign-on to WildcatsOnline?

Parent/Guest access allows you to grant parents and other guests’ access to specific information. For example, you can give your parents the ability to pay your bill, get your address, or view your grades. Up to five accounts may be created for guest access to the WildcatsOnline system. The student will specify the password for each account and can change that password at any time. The username for the account will be specified by the system when the student creates the account. The student is responsible for communicating the username and password for each account to the person they are granting access to. Each account can be enabled and disabled independently. No one but the student will be able to view or update the access for these parent/guest accounts.

Please note, creating a Parent/Guest account is totally voluntary on your part and you do not have to create any accounts.

Each Parent/Guest account can be given permission in up to the four areas listed below:
1. Financial Aid - View Financial Aid
2. Student Financials - Make a Payment, Account Inquiry
3. Student Records - View Class Schedule, Weekly Schedule, Grades
4. Personal Information - View Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Students To-Do List

How to Create a Parent/Guest Account

What is the academic calendar?

The Academic Calendar is the official calendar of academic deadlines. Important dates are listed in the current academic calendar:
1. Class start and end dates
2. Deadlines to register and drop/add classes
3. Payment due date for tuition and fees
4. Breaks
5. Deadlines for mid-term low grades
6. Deadline to withdraw from a class or withdraw from school
7. Study week
8. Final exams
9. Commencement dates
10. Deadline for faculty to report final grades

Where can I find the academic calendar?

The academic calendar is listed on our website and in the WSC General and Graduate Course Catalog.

How do I get my online class started?

Registration for web-based online and other off-campus classes can be completed online using WildcatsOnline or by calling the Continuing Education Office at 1-800-228-9972, ext. 7217 or 402-375-7217. The Continuing Education Office will provide information on accessing Canvas, the online class learning management system.

When will I know if I have a mid-term low grade (downslip) and how do I check mid-term grades?

As soon as mid-term grades are entered by the instructor, the low grades of C- and below are available to the student through their WildcatsOnline account, grades page> select current term>continue>mid-term grades tab. If the mid-term grades tab is not visible, there are no low grades recorded for the student. A letter from the Records & Registration Office will be sent to the student notifying them of the mid-term low grade(s). A copy of the mid-term low grade letter will be sent to the student’s advisor. At some point in the semester, under the mid-term grades tab, all classes will be graded with either the low grade or an NR which means No Report.

How will I know if I am having academic problems?

The mid-term grade letter is an academic alert. Then at the end of each semester students being placed on academic probation or academic suspension will be sent a formal letter explaining their current academic standing. The formal letter will recommend steps to take in order to improve academic success. An explanation of academic standing is available in the online General and Graduate Catalog.

What are my academic requirements (requirements listed in a degree audit)?

In your WildcatsOnline account Student Center tab, you will see a link to Academic Requirements. This lists the courses you’ve completed and those you still lack for your particular degree program. It is important to discuss your academic requirements with your advisor each semester when you meet to set up your future class schedule. The General Catalog also provides a breakdown of the requirements for each program offered at Wayne State College.

What is a hold?

A hold is a warning or flag from a department that usually stops a student from an academic process. A hold can prevent students from being able to register for classes. Holds can be viewed in WildcatsOnline. 

What kinds of holds does WSC use?

Holds can be informational such as noting a payment plan. They can also prevent a student from various activities such as registration, dropping a class, and obtaining a transcript. The Holds box on the student’s WildcatsOnline, Student Center tab, will provide details about the hold once the student clicks on details. A new registration hold, effective for Fall 2012, will be placed on all undergraduate students who must then meet with their advisor for schedule planning and to have the registration hold removed.

How do I request a transcript?

By federal law, a written request with a signature is required. The student may stop in the Records & Registration Office with a photo ID to fill out a transcript request form. The form is also available online on the Records & Registration web page and can be sent by U.S. mail or faxed. We do not accept phone or email transcript requests. Students can obtain their own unofficial transcript from their WildcatsOnline Student Center tab.

How do I check my graduation requirements?

See above question, What are my academic requirements (requirements listed in a degree audit)?

How do I apply for graduation?

Students may stop in the Records & Registration Office to fill out a Graduation application. Application for graduation is due one semester prior to graduation.

How do I register for classes?

New students must set up an advising appointment with the Admissions Office. Current students must make an appointment with their advisor. Your advisor’s name and office phone number can be found on your WildcatsOnline account. Your advisor will assist you in placing your classes in a “shopping cart” to be held until registration day. Each semester and summer term the important instructions and dates for registration can be found in the pdf Class Schedule Booklet available on eCampus under the Student Resources tab approximately two weeks prior to registration week.

Where do I find the class schedule?

Class schedules are available through the Records and Registration Office. You can view pdf schedules there or you can use the WildcatsOnline Class Search.

Additional Records & Registration information:

Records & Registration Questions

WildcatsOnline information

Transcript Requests

For students considering a major change: Records and Registration

Applying for Graduation

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Classes taken for college credit while still in high school called Dual Enrollment or Dual Credit

Transfer Guides for classes taken at other colleges or universities

Credit earned through the College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

Classes taken through the Advanced Placement program

Money or Financial Aid Questions

Where do I get a Student ID?

ID cards are obtained at the Business Services Office. If you lose your ID card, please stop by the Business Services Office to request a replacement card. There is a $15 fee to replace a card.

Where do I pay my bill?

Bills are paid at the Business Services Office. Bills can also be paid online through WildcatsOnline.

When can I get my refund?

If aid has been processed before school starts, refunds are available beginning the Friday of the second week of classes or 2 weeks after aid has been disbursed, if this occurs after school starts.

Can I buy books before my Financial Aid refund arrives?

If a student has a refund from their financial aid, they can “charge” their books at the WSC Bookstore. The amount charged for books will then be subtracted before the refund check is ordered.

If I drop a class, will it affect my financial aid?

If a student drops a class during the first week, then the student is not charged for tuition/fees and financial aid would be adjusted accordingly. If the class is dropped after the drop/add period, financial aid will not be adjusted for that term. HOWEVER, the student may lose financial aid for the next semester depending on how many hours are successfully completed. Consult the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy on the Financial Aid page.