Wayne State College

Academic Advising

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Obtain your advisees’ names and academic information from the department office and/or Wildcats Online.
  • Discuss your advisee's life plans and career goals.
  • Clarify and/or provide referral for questions concerning institutional requirements, policies, procedures, resources, and educational options.
  • Discuss enrollment in specific courses which relate to your advisee’s career and academic goals, timeframe for degree or program completion and application to general education or the student’s major field of study.
  • Make suggestions to the student for additional course selection and/or enrollment.
  • Explain and clarify the function of general education, major field of study and elective courses.
  • Provide appropriate information to help students complete on-line registration and release the student to register in Wildcats Online.
  • Discuss with your advisee options such as pass/fail, drop/add, and other specific requirements and the time regulations.
  • Compare and contrast relationships between curricular and career regulations.
  • Encourage the student to think seriously and often about career options and opportunities and refer the student to the Holland Academic Success Center or Career Services Office if appropriate.