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President's Council for Diversity

The President’s Council for Diversity, which was created to make recommendations to the President regarding diversity issues, serves as a voice for the needs of minority students. The council is composed of students, faculty, staff, and community members. The council regularly serves as a  sponsor of campus speaking engagements and the annual International Dinner. The council also plays an important role in strategic planning at the college.


Dr. Marysz Rames
Dr. Darius Agoumba

Dr. Jeff Allen
Ms. Linda Anderson
Ms. Mary Carstens
Dr. Eric Colvard
Dr. Meena Dalal
Dr. Cody Dickson
Mr. Steve Elliott
Dr. Barbara Engebretsen
Dr. Leah Keino
Dr. Karl Kohlbeck
Dr. Brian Kufner
Ms. Rhonda Sebade
Mr. Isaiah Sims
Ms. Ellie Tran
Dr. Chris Tee Weixelman
Dr. Becky Zavada

Annual Diversity Reports
The president prepares quarterly reports for the Nebraska State College System Board of Trustees and the Wayne State Foundation Board of Trustees. These reports are available upon request. Please contact Joni Backer in the President's Office at 402-375-7200.