Wayne State College

Becky Zavada

Dr. Becky Zavada is an associate professor and teaches philosophy and English at Wayne State College.

She was born in Arizona but grew up all over the place. She has lived in Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, South Africa, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Nebraska. She also spent a summer working in the Kaibab National Forest giving talks about bats. Working in the Kaibab ignited a love of teaching and interacting with people about things she is passionate about.

Philosophy, because it explores the fundamental nature of reality, appeals to her sense of wonder and curiosity about a wide range of topics. Philosophy offers insight into life and the universe, into problems both big and small. Becky has always searched for a better understanding of these things, so studying philosophy was a good fit for her interests. She did not discover the joys of philosophy until college and feels privileged to introduce philosophy to WSC students.

Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2013
B.A., Philosophy, Providence College (graduated Summa Cum Laude), 1999

Academic Interests
Dr. Zavada's areas of specialization include philosophy of science and philosophy of social science. She also has an interest in metaphysics, social and political philosophy (including feminism), and ethics.