Wayne State College

Graduation Requirements

Institutional Requirements

It is the student’s responsibility to understand and fulfill all requirements of his or her academic program. 

  1. Students need to apply for graduation through the Records and Registration Office one semester prior to their intended graduation date. Failure to comply may extend their intended graduation date one additional semester.
  2. A minimum of “C” in English 102, Composition Skills, is required of all students for graduation.
  3. Effective with the 2012-13 catalog a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit must be earned, of which at least 40 hours must be in upper level courses numbered 300 or above. It may take more than 120 hours to complete some degree programs.
  4. A minimum of 30 hours of credit must be earned at WSC.
  5. A maximum of 66 semester hours of academic credit may be accepted from all previously attended community colleges.
  6. At least 24 of the final 30 hours must be earned through WSC, unless approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  7. Achievement of minimum grade-point requirements is required. Students preparing to teach must earn a 2.75 overall GPA, a 2.75 average in field or subject endorsements, and a 2.75 average in the professional education requirements. Students not preparing to teach must earn a 2.0 overall GPA and a 2.0 GPA in their major area unless higher requirements are listed in their major.
  8. Graduation is conditional, contingent upon completion of all college requirements. See the WSC Student Handbook for details.