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Special Education (MSE) Programs of Study

Special Education Subject Endorsement

The special education endorsement option is for students who hold a current teaching certification in an area other than special education and want to add a special education subject endorsement at the K-6 and 7-12 level; or for students who hold a current teaching certification in special education (K-6 or 7-12) and want to add the other subject endorsement level. Total credit hours vary based on current level of certification and level of special education subject endorsement desired. This endorsement option does not lead to an MSE, and it can include undergraduate substitutions as approved by an advisor. All candidates must maintain a GPA of 3.0. No grade below a “C” will be accepted toward the completion of this endorsement.

Total credit hours: 42-48


Professional Education Core Courses: 12 hours

Endorsement requires 12 hours of professional education coursework in Human Development and Cognition, Instructional Design, Content Area Methods, and Classroom Management at the graudate or undergraduate level.

Special Education Courses: 24 hours

  • SPD 520 Best Practices in Special Education Methods (3)
  • SPD 522 Teaching Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Classrooms (3)
  • SPD 545 Assessment Guiding IEP Development (3)
  • SPD 565 Differentiated Methodology (3)
  • SPD 611 Organization and Administration of Special Education (3)
  • SPD 630 History and Characteristics of Exceptionalities (3)
  • SPD 636 Social/Emotional Behavior (3)
  • SPD 652 Collaboration and Co-Teaching (3)

Special Education Electives: 6-12 hours

Choose one of the following field experience areas:

Practicum Experience: 6 hours
Note: Practicum Experience allows students to seek endorsement at the same level as their current teaching certification.

Choose one of the following:

  • SPD 540 Program Design in Special Education (3)
  • Additional special education content course (3)
  • SPD 561 Practicum in Special Education (3)

Clinical Practice Experience: 6-12 hours
Note: Clinical Practice Experience allows students to seek endorsement at a different level than their current teaching certification. If currently certified PK-3, then you must complete SPD 658 for K-6 subject endorsement and/or SPD 660 for 7-12 subject endorsement.

  • EDU 545 Preparing for Level 3: Clinical Practice (0)
  • SPD 658 Clinical Practice for Special Education K-6 (6)
  • SPD 660 Clinical Practice for Special Education 7-12 (6)