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Enrollment Surges at Wayne State for Fall 2018

Published Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Wayne State College
The 2018 freshmen class began the fall semester with Welcome Weekend, Aug. 17-19, before beginning classes on Aug. 20.

New programs, new facilities, a robust scholarship program, and other opportunities are increasing interest in WSC.

Wayne State College welcomed 727 new freshmen to campus this fall, which is the largest class of new students since 1995 and the third largest since 1970. The college also saw a 14.83 percent increase in new transfer students with 240 this fall and a 24 percent jump in graduate students to hit 660 this semester. New facilities combined with new graduate, undergraduate, online academic programs, and partnerships, along with exciting visit opportunities and a robust scholarship program for students are driving the interest in Wayne State.

“We are tremendously excited about our enrollment numbers for fall 2018,” said Wayne State President Marysz Rames. “The increase in freshmen and 10% increase in overall enrollment came from excellent and sustained work throughout the college.” 

One of the highlights of the record year at Wayne State has been the opening of two new facilities and the anticipated opening of a third this winter. The Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigation Facility opened this fall. The $350,000 lab facility will provide a variety of academic experiences connected to law enforcement officers; crime scene investigation; crime scene reporting for future journalists; emergency management exercises; processing a crime scene with DNA evidence; and fluid and arson analyses. The renovated Memorial Stadium Press Box, which opened this fall, will serve as an important laboratory for students as they prepare for careers in broadcasting, journalism and athletics. 

The Center for Applied Technology (CAT) will be opening this December. The CAT is projected to serve as a gateway of opportunity for students to experience industrial manufacturing in an environment that cultivates interest and excitement in industrial technology. The Center will serve as a hub for programs of study such as manufacturing management, safety management, and industrial technology education. The CAT will deliver education for industry, provide a career academy for local school districts, and serve as a regional center for innovation and workforce development.

“We have opened a new academic year full of optimism that our enrollment growth reflects a recognition among students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends that Wayne State’s programs, partnerships, and facilities combined with the most affordable tuition of any four-year college in the region make us a great choice for an excellent education,” said President Rames.

In addition to new facilities, Wayne State added three new programs for graduate students. The new fully online master’s degree in special education, designed to help professionals and districts meet the needs of students with exceptionalities and their families, offers four unique pathways, including initial certification, additional certification, advanced study, and supervisor. The Cross-Curricular Education (MSE Curriculum and Instruction – Instructional Leadership focus area) masters program is designed for those seeking an advanced degree in curriculum and instruction with a cross-curricular education emphasis, which may include courses in Reading and Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Career Education, World Languages, Technology, Leadership, Cultural Diversity and other content areas. The Public Administration Management (Master of Science in Organizational Management focus area) degree program is for working professionals who want to serve the public through strong leadership and effective, well-developed policies and services. This convenient, fully online graduate program will help develop the skills and techniques needed for management careers in public service, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. 

“The tremendous growth in our graduate programs reflects working professionals’ confidence in our rigorous curriculum, the affordability of a Wayne State graduate degree, the excellence of our faculty, and the outstanding vision and leadership of the deans of each of our four schools,” said Steven Elliott, Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Alongside the addition of several new graduate programs, Wayne State has added several new undergraduate academic programs during the past year. New paths for students among the college’s 130-plus programs of study this year are Forensic Science, which is a double major combining chemistry and criminal justice; Manufacturing Management as a concentration in Industrial Technology; and a Pre-Athletic Training program that puts students on the path toward an athletic training degree.

During the past two years, Wayne State also responded to the needs of the Nebraska workforce with the addition of three fully online undergraduate programs. Wayne State’s online criminal justice degree lets students fit a college education into their busy schedule to advance their career in law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, court services, asset protection, corporate and private security, and juvenile justice. Wayne State’s online business management degree program lays a firm foundation in organizational knowledge, problem-solving, and decision-making, all through coursework, application projects, and case studies while an online human resource management degree from Wayne State will train you to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the management of people within organizations by learning human resource practices that support the organization’s business strategy, including training and development, recruitment and selection, employee compensation and benefits, labor law and employee relations, performance, and motivation. 

Several new partnerships also resulted in new academic programs for Wayne State. The college’s new Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering programs in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will provide a solid foundation for students as they complete their first years of course work at WSC before transferring completed credits to UNL to complete their engineering degrees. The accelerated nursing program, a partnership between WSC and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, will prepare students for a variety of nursing careers: educators and faculty, managers and administrators, mental health and counseling. Through this program, students will obtain their bachelor’s degree in the field of choice at Wayne State, then complete a year of classes to receive a nursing degree (BSN) through UNMC. 

“Recruiting and retaining students requires a campus-wide commitment to our mission of student success, learning excellence, and regional service. We are quite proud to talk about who we are and the educational opportunities we provide, which is reflected in the excellent campus visit programs led by our admissions team, marketing and recruiting messages, and the stories we hear from our current students,” Rames said.

“The increase in new students for Fall 2018 is a direct result of very strategic and intentional marketing and recruitment efforts. Yes, it is the Admissions office that serves on the front line to prospective students, but we do not do it alone. It takes a campus to be successful,” said Kevin Halle, Director of Admissions at Wayne State. “We appreciate the great support we have received from President Rames, our academic leadership, and all faculty, staff, and current students.”

Prospective students interested in any of the college’s new programs or any of the other 130-plus programs of study at Wayne State are urged to browse our programs directory to learn more, apply, or schedule a visit.

For a virtual tour of the college’s programs and facilities, visit www.explorewaynestatecollege.com.