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Honors Program

Goals and Features

The Wayne State Honors Program identifies the most motivated and talented students and offers them a challenging and highly rewarding curriculum. The intent of the curriculum is to provide students an in-depth learning environment in which discussion, exploration, and experimentation is encouraged. In order to facilitate students ultimately becoming contributors and caretakers of our society, an innovative general education core is offered, one that offers honors students an opportunity to understand the world around them, and the impact their actions have on that world. These specialized general education courses are small and are taught by faculty who are especially interested in working with honors students, providing a highly conducive learning environment.


The Honors Program at Wayne State College seeks to attract motivated, talented students, and provide a stimulating educational program; develop a close working relationship between honors students and faculty from all disciplines; provide a curriculum that reaches across all disciplines, thus providing the students a broad perspective outside their major area of study; provide opportunities for honors independent study projects; promote and highlight the mission of Wayne State College as a student-oriented, high quality academic institution; and to provide opportunities for faculty to challenge their own teaching styles and to improve their instruction in an environment of talented and motivated students.

The goals of the Honors Program:

  • create lifelong learners
  • develop students' ability to integrate knowledge from different sources
  • encourage students to build the ability to adapt to new environments
  • develop active participants in a democratic society
  • generate professional skills in formal writing, oral presentations, collaborative exchanges, and intellectual dialogue
  • drive students to understand and work with complex topics and situations
  • engage students' intellectual agility and honesty


In addition to the very practical advantage of the honors student having demonstrated initiative and genuine intellectual strength during their college career, our Honors Program provides a novel approach to learning which is stimulating to the most motivated and ambitious students, rather than simply increasing the volume of material covered.

Active students in the Honors Program also have the benefit of registering early for their following semester’s classes, increasing the level of control honors students have over their class schedules. We strongly believe that this privilege helps to support the Honors Program by providing each honors student the opportunity to enhance and maximize their planning skills, inside and outside of the classroom.

The program is an institutional member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, which annually provides interested honors students and their faculty the opportunity to attend and present their work in a national honors forum. NCHC conventions are held annually in major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. such as Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Denver, and San Francisco.

Honors students at Wayne State College also receive special recognition at commencement, and on their academic transcripts, as having completed the program.