Wayne State College

Earning Your MBA

About the Online MBA Classes

The online MBA program at Wayne State College is fully online. No travel to campus is required.

Class Format and Activities

Online courses are much like classroom courses in that you will be expected to complete reading from textbooks or electronic materials, write papers, conduct research, take exams and quizzes, make presentations, and complete individual and group projects. Some instructors will also provide lecture material in written or PowerPoint format, and may even offer online video materials. You will participate in class discussion through the discussion board and complete all group work online. 

Course Management Software 

You'll access your courses through our online course management software, Canvas. Canvas offers you access to documents, your grade book, discussion, live chat, assignment uploads, and online testing.


Canvas leverages collaborative technology to allow multiple users to work together on the same document at the same time. Collaborative documents are saved in real time, meaning a change made by any of its users will be immediately visible to everyone. You can use Collaborations to:

  • Copy and paste notes that everyone can access.
  • Create a text-based whiteboard that everyone in the classroom can see and refer to later.
  • Instructors can assign student groups a collaborative assignment as a graded assignment. 

Time Expectation 

For a three credit hour course, you will spend a minimum of six to nine hours a week working on course work. Some of the time will be spent online and other time will be spent reading, writing, and problem-solving offline. Actual study time will depend on your prior background, training, experience, talents, type of text or exercise, etc.  It is important for you to visit class often. You may want to check daily to see if your instructor has put up a new announcement or if there is anything new in the discussion area. Generally, you are not expected to be on the course site constantly for long, extended periods of time, but occasionally examinations or other course activities may require your presence for extended periods of time. 

Contacting and Interacting With Your Instructor

You will be able to contact your instructor via email and phone. Each instructor has posted office hours and checks email and voicemail messages at reasonable intervals during the normal Monday through Friday work week. Typical email messages will be responded to within one business day. Returns of assignment and tests may take longer. Saturdays and Sundays are not considered business days.

Technical Help

If you need assistance, contact your instructor or the WSC Service Center at 402-375-7107 or at [email protected].

Software and Uploading Your Work

Canvas works best with Google Chrome. Canvas will work with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Safari is not recommended, but if you must use it, be sure to use the latest version. 

Typical Software
The standard software is Microsoft Office. Multimedia software such as Media Player, QuickTime, or RealPlayer and a PDF file reader software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader may also be necessary. Faculty may require the use of special software that is bundled with the textbook or the purchase of additional software. 

File Types
When submitting your assignments in Canvas, the file format will be determined by your instructor and the software used. Canvas will allow your instructor to set acceptable formats. File formats associated with Microsoft Office are the primary formats accepted. Using Star Office and Open Office file formats are prohibited. 

File Limits
If you are creating a presentation using images taken with a digital camera, they can be quite large. Usually this should not cause problems, as the Canvas upload limit is 200MB. However, if you are creating a lengthy presentation with multiple images, it is recommended that the images be compressed. This can be done easily with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (open your image file in Picture Manager, pull down the Picture menu, select Compress, select Compress for: Web pages, and click OK) or other image editing software. 


Books can be ordered by calling 402-375-4010 or online at www.bkstr.com. On the website, by selecting the appropriate term, books for a particular class can be viewed. Please allow one week for receipt of textbooks after placing the order.


The Canvas course management software provides you with a grade book and assignment tools that will aid you in evaluating your performance in the course. All assignments turned in through the assignment tool can include feedback from the instructor on your performance. Once your grade is made available, you can access the graded assignment via the assignment tool, reopen the assignment, and read any feedback provide by the instructor. Whenever possible, instructors are encouraged to use a grading rubric and provide comments. 

Writing Style

Your research papers should follow the style guidance of the American Psychological Association (APA).