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Schedule of Events

Spring 2018

The 2018 spring season at the Fred G. Dale Planetarium continues the diverse selection of shows! See 10 out of the possible 29 unique shows this fall season and win an astronomical prize!


19: Earth, Moon, and Sun (7 p.m.)

20: Astronaut (2 p.m.)

26: Kids Weekend: One World, One Sky (7 p.m.)

27: Kids Weekend: Animals of the Sky (2 p.m.)


2: Two Small Pieces of Glass (6:30 p.m.)

3: Science Bowl Weekend: Oasis in Space (12 p.m.), Compass, Clock, and Calendar (1 p.m.), Sunstruck (2 p.m.), Eclipses and Phases of the Moon (3 p.m.)

9: Back to the Moon (7 p.m.)

10: Science Bowl Weekend: Firefall (12 p.m.), Compass, Clock, and Calendar (1 p.m.), Sunstruck (2 p.m.), The Hot and Energetic Universe (3 p.m.)

16: Kids Weekend: Zula Patrol (7 p.m.)

17: Kids Weekend: My House Has Stars (2 p.m.)

23: Science Nerds Only Weekend: The Last Question by Isaac Asimov (7 p.m.)

24: Science Nerds Only Weekend: The Dark Matter Mystery (2 p.m.)


2: Stargazer (7 p.m.)

3: From Earth to the Universe (2 p.m.)

9: Kids Weekend: Rusty Rocket (7 p.m.)

10: Kids Weekend: Secret Kids Show! (2 p.m.)

15: Music in the Planetarium (7:30 p.m.) - A special live musical show!

16: Music in the Planetarium (7:30 p.m.) - A special live musical show!

17: Space Opera (2 p.m.)

23: Cosmic Colors (7 p.m.)

24: Cosmic Castaways (2 p.m.)

30: Easter Weekend: The Sistine Chapel (7 p.m.)

31: Easter Weekend: The Sistine Chapel (2 p.m.)


6: Dark (7 p.m.)

7: Stars (2 p.m.)

13: Math Nerds Only!: Fractal Explorations (7 p.m.)

14: Math Nerds Only!: Fractal City (2 p.m.)

20: Origins of Life (7 p.m.)

21: Secret Show! (2 p.m.)

27: Secret Show!  (7 p.m.)

28: Secret Show!  (7 p.m.)

Planetarium shows generally include a tour of the current night sky, a view of the constellations, and the fulldome video listed in the schedule.

All shows last about 45 minutes.

The planetarium schedule is always subject to change given the ups and downs of life, so check the website often. If you absolutely cannot plan your visit to the planetarium according to the planetarium’s schedule, please feel free to contact the planetarium to explore your options.

And while at the planetarium, please feel free is ask about some of the other wonderful stops you could make in Wayne America!