Wayne State College

Educator Preparation Information

Code of Ethics

We, the students and faculty of the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, affirm and accept our responsibility to complete our professional preparation according to the highest ethical standards.

We will exert every effort to raise educational standards, to improve our service, and to achieve conditions which attract persons worthy of trust.

Aware of the value of united effort, we will contribute actively to the development and growth of our intellectual and moral capacities. In fulfilling these obligations to the profession, during our academic preparation and field experiences we:

  • recognize that a profession must accept responsibility for the conduct of its members.
  • understand that our own conduct may be regarded as representative of the profession.
  • participate in the development and implementation of policies affecting our education.
  • accord just and equitable treatment to all members of the profession in the exercise of their professional rights and responsibilities.
  • interpret and use research with intellectual honesty.
  • keep the trust under which confidential information is exchanged.
  • refrain from commenting unprofessionally about a pupil, fellow student, teacher, associate in an academic situation, or educational setting.
  • respect the rules and regulations of the schools and agencies to which we are assigned for field experience purposes.

See also:

The State of Nebraska Code of Ethics provided in EDU 150 Introduction to Professional Education.

The Council of Exceptional Children Code of Ethics provided in SPD 160 Introduction to Special Education.