Wayne State College

Educator Preparation Information

Theme, Vision, Mission Statement and Purpose



"Teachers who inquire and reflect to facilitate learning for all"

Vision Statement

Consistent with the vision of Wayne State College, the undergraduate teacher preparation unit will provide regional leadership and service to individuals, schools and communities. Candidates and faculty will work in partnership with region schools to improve educational opportunities for all students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the undergraduate teacher preparation unit is to facilitate the development of dynamic professional educators who collaborate for the benefit of self and others, school, community and the profession. This mission is accomplished through inquiry, reflection, field-based learning experiences, excellence in teaching and learning, and regional service. The professional education unit, in conjunction with the student, college and community, is responsible for bringing theory and practice together through inquiry and reflection to facilitate learning and development. The faculty within the educational unit assumes the responsibility to assist teacher candidates in developing attitudes, strategies, and knowledge that will facilitate lifelong learning and growth in all their students.


The purpose of the WSC undergraduate professional education unit is to provide necessary resources and instruction to enable candidates to prepare themselves for PK-12 teacher certification.