Wayne State College

Educator Preparation Information

Process for Advancement in Educator Preparation

To be approved for advancement from one level to the next in educator preparation, students must successfully complete all benchmarks, be recommended for advancement by faculty, and be approved by the Professional Progress Committee (PPC). Details of the advancement proecess can be found on the third page of the Benchmark Chart.

Process for Unsuccessful Applicants 

Applicants not successful in meeting the benchmarks for a particular Level will be notified and given an opportunity to meet with the PPC. A request for special consideration form may be picked up in the Field Experience Office, completed and signed by both the student and the academic advisor. An unofficial transcript must be attached to the request form. The completed form is then submitted to the Field Experience Office, so that it can be presented at the next meeting of the PPC. The PPC will view the request and forward a recommendation for action to the Dean.

Transfer Students’ Placement within Levels

Students who transfer from other institutions should meet with the Director of Education and Counseling Services regarding placement relative to the established Levels. Students must complete required benchmarks to be allowed passage to the next level.

Process for Addressing Concerns About Students

The PPC will choose from one of the following options when reviewing concerns about students:

  1. No formal action is taken. The concern is noted in the student's file.
  2. Committee requests additional input from Education and Arts/Sciences content faculty.
  3. Set up an Initial Advisement Session with the Chair of PPC and Director of Field Experience.
  4. Summons to appear before the full PPC.

Denied Access to Classes 

Students who have not been approved to Level Two will not be allowed to register for any upper-level education or special education classes (with the exception of EDU 457).

Concluding Remarks 

You are encouraged to meet with your faculty advisor, the Director of Field Experiences and the Dean of Education as needed. These people are here to assist you with your education. Again, welcome to the beginning of a very rewarding professional life!