Wayne State College


Adds, Drops, and Withdrawals

Adding or Dropping a Class

Students may add or drop classes in the spring or fall during the first week of classes. Students are able to withdraw from a class through WildcatsOnline. Grades of “W” will be recorded for all courses withdrawn by deadline. Please refer to the academic calendar for specific deadline dates or check the current class schedule for the last day to withdraw from a class.

Call Records and Registration at 402-375-7239 if you have any questions.

Withdrawal from College 

Students may withdraw from all courses through WildcatsOnline. Grades of “W” will be recorded for all students who officially withdraw by the semester deadline. Official withdrawal from college after this time will be permitted only for extraordinary circumstances approved by the Vice President of Student Affairs or designee. Grades of “F” will be given to any student who leaves without officially withdrawing, and a refund will be denied. Withdrawals, both official and without notice, may result in adjustments to the student's federal financial aid, creating a balance due to the college.

Tuition and fee adjustments for a complete withdrawal from school will be determined by the Student Financial Services office based on the schedule below. There will be no tuition and fee adjustment for dropping individual classes after the last day to drop/add.

Adjustment Percentages Fall and Spring Semesters Summer Sessions
100% adjustment During weeks 1 and 2 During days 1 and 2
50% adjustment During weeks 3 and 4 During days 3 and 4
25% adjustment During weeks 5-8 N/A
No adjustment After week 8 N/A

*Financial aid may be reduced for a complete withdrawal from school using the federal Return of Title IV calculation or due to a reduction in academic load.