Wayne State College


Before You Register

Know When You Can Register

Registration dates are based on your current academic standing. View registration dates.

Review Your Degree Requirements

  1. Review the courses required for your major or endorsement online in the general catalog.
  2. Make a list of courses you wish to enroll in and jot down specific questions about the courses and your future plans. 
  3. Review the class schedule and prepare a preliminary semester schedule.
  4. Print a copy of your unofficial transcript from WildcatsOnline. 
  5. Bring the above to your meeting with your advisor.

Meet with Your Advisor

Your advisor is available to help you navigate your degree and career plans. Present the outline of your coursework and talk about the time from for your program, course or degree completion.

Discuss the specific or general requirements which you have noted from your catalog and ask for clarification. 

You should review with your advisor:

  • The courses for the next registration period.
  • How your next semester's classes fit in with your overall program.

After meeting with your advisor, he or she will give you the approval necessary for registration in WildcatsOnline.