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A group of students on a Study Abroad trip to Ecuador

Study Abroad

Earn credit toward your degree by studying abroad with WSC's partners.


Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding education opportunities you can experience while in college. Students who study abroad develop a deeper understanding of who they are and how they want to direct their future.

Personal Growth

Learning a new language, interacting with people from different cultures, and seeing historical monuments and architecture can lead to increased self-confidence and a better understanding of personal values.

Cultural Competence

Your culture reflects very deep perceptions, beliefs and values that influence your way of life and view of the world. Students who experience cultural differences can better understand values of other cultures and gain insight into their own.

Build Your Resume

A study abroad experience tells future employers that you understand the world, are confident and are willing to try new things. Your experiences living abroad, as well as negotiating with another culture, will set you apart from others in your career.

New Study Abroad Programs Coming Soon

Wayne State College is in the process of modifying our study abroad options for our students and faculty. We are excited and anticipate having new college-organized, faculty-led study abroad options in the 2025-26 academic year.

Study Abroad Now Through AIFS

In the interim, we encourage our students to partner with the travel service American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). WSC students have used AIFS and have been very pleased with their options and service that have enabled them to experience the exciting benefits of travel and study overseas. Students are encouraged to work with the Office of Records and Registration to determine how those credits will apply to their degree.

Questions? Contact:

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Make Your Dream a Reality

If you can afford to live on campus at WSC for a semester, then you can most likely afford to include a study abroad experience as you work toward your degree. In some instances, scholarships, grants, and financial aid may help to offset the cost of the program.

“My study abroad trip was, without a doubt, the most fulfilling, enriching, and growth-promoting experience of my life. Never have I ever been challenged in so many ways. I was constantly outside my comfort zone but embraced it as the incredible opportunity it was. Immersion in another culture has enhanced my understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. I feel better equipped as a global citizen because of my study abroad experiences.”


Sara Lundeen

Axtell, Nebraska


Past Study Abroad Trips