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Study Abroad in Greece

Program Details

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This 6-credit program includes lectures, field trips, group discussions, and a living experience in Greece accompanied by Nebraska faculty. The 6 credits will include an on-campus spring preparation course. All classes and lectures are taught in English.

Study in Volos 

The city of Volos is located on the Aegean Sea about halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki. Positioned between Mount Pelion and the sea, it is a good base for enjoying the sea, hiking the wooded slopes and exploring the mountainside villages.

Volos's sea-walk is lined with outdoor restaurants and coffee houses on one side, and sailboats docked on the other. Parallel is a pedestrian shopping street connecting parks and city squares. The Volos harbor is an active commercial port. With approximately 120,000 inhabitants, Volos is a political, cultural, educational and economic center. Students will live in a hotel along this sea-walk, within easy walking distance of restaurants and shopping.

Volos is also the home to Thessaly University, our academic partner, hosting students from throughout Europe. The hotel is located just a few blocks from the main University building. University faculty will provide instruction as well as supervision of tutors in all course work: lectures, field trips, presentations, and discussions. Students will be offered small, comfortable language classes and interaction with Greek students learning English.

Field trips include:

  • Athens (three days/two nights) – Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Plaka, Agora
  • Mount Pelion villages
  • Volos archaeology and city museums
  • Jason’s Argo
  • Oracle of Delphi
  • Phillips Tomb
  • Skiathos and Skopelos Islands
  • Neolithic Site of Dimini
  • Ancient Amphitheatre


The trip to Greece will also include a service-learning project.

Courses of Study

All students will register for a minimum of six credit hours through Wayne State College. Students may apply the credits to their programs of study as approved by their college through transfer of credit.

Courses are International Study 399 (6 credit hours) (two courses of three credit hours each): 399-80, 399-81, 399-82, 399-83. Prerequisite: Approval of the Department Chair.

Credits may be applied to various general education requirements or may be used as credit hours required for a minor in International Studies.

Lectures, field trips, presentations and discussion groups will address:

  • Greek history, art, architecture, philosophy and religion
  • Contemporary Greek culture including politics, government, business, family, education, and social issues
  • Greek language through coursework and immersion