Wayne State College

COVID-19 Update: Resources and Reminders

Published Thursday, March 26th, 2020

March 26, 2020 - Information aimed at keeping you academically, mentally, and physically healthy, as well as some reminders.

Dear Wayne State students,

The first week of remote delivery classes is coming to an end. By now, you should have been working with your faculty members in your newly formatted classes. We ask that you stay engaged to successfully complete the semester.

We wanted to provide you with information aimed at keeping you academically, mentally, and physically healthy. Please review the information below to tap into some resources to manage the current situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answers to the majority of your questions can be found at www.wsc.edu/covid19. If you have additional questions or concerns, please use the feedback form at https://bit.ly/3daGyvq or reach out to the College’s COVID-19 hotline at 402-375-7562.

Peer Tutoring Has Moved Online with Zoom Meetings:

Need help with your classes? We have tutors available, but due to the COVID-19 situation, tutoring will be conducted via Zoom meetings. Some tutor hours have been adjusted. Please email a tutor during their hours to confirm their availability and they will send you a Zoom link. Find available tutors.

Wayne State Counseling Services Available via Zoom:

The WSC Counseling Center provides counseling through telehealth for students currently in Nebraska. For students outside of Nebraska, we can offer referral and consultation services. Please call the office at 402-375-7321 or email counselingcenter@wsc.edu to schedule an appointment. New clients are welcome.

The Counseling Center also encourages students to sign up for their Canvas course, “Social Distancing Together." The course requires no work, but instead offers support, connection, and fun! Email the Counseling Center at counselingcenter@wsc.edu to be added to the course.

A Note from the Registrar’s Office:

Some students have been emailing college faculty and offices via personal email accounts, which is fine. But when you do, we lack personal identifying information that allows us to quickly and efficiently fulfill your requests and answer questions. If you use an email account other than your Wayne State account, please include your NUID (found on your ID card or in WildCats Online) in your emails to instructors, Financial Aid, and Records and Registration. Thank you for helping us serve you.

Summer and Fall Registration:

Wildcats, don’t forget to sign up for fall and summer classes beginning Monday, March 30. To get ready to register, log in to Wildcats Online and check for your preferred registration day. Your advisor’s name will be listed there, too. Once you meet with your advisor virtually or by phone, they will be able to lift your registration hold. Get information on registration.

Physical Activity Can Help with the COVID-19 Blues:

Go for a walk or a nice, brisk run. Whatever suits you. Just find a way to break up your routine with some kind of exercise. There are plenty of online resources available to provide you with a home fitness plan to give you a physical outlet for stress and anxiety. Get on Google and come up with some creative ways to stay active!

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this public health emergency. Please stay engaged, keep up with your classes, and look after your health and the health of others.


Marysz Rames

President, Wayne State College