Wayne State College

Applying for RHOP

Program Guidelines


To be eligible for application to RHOP:

  • Be a rural Nebraska resident. The following cities and towns are NOT considered rural and therefore not eligible to apply to RHOP: Bellevue, Boys Town, Chalco, Elkhorn, La Vista, Lincoln, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Papillion, and Ralston. Your home address or your high school's address can be used to determine your rural residency.
  • Be an incoming freshman who has applied for and been accepted to Wayne State College.


We are looking for well-rounded students who are dedicated to health professions, have demonstrated a commitment to the rural areas of Nebraska, who are willing to work hard, and have demonstrated they have the intellectual ability to complete the rigorous academic programs of the health professions at WSC and UNMC.

Numerous factors are part of the selection process; however, special emphasis is placed on:

1. The academic potential of the student, as demonstrated by:

  • GPA (grade point average)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • A possible interview with WSC and UNMC faculty

2. A commitment to return to the rural areas of Nebraska to practice their profession, as demonstrated by:

  • Knowledge of the health field to which they're applying
  • Community service and leadership activities
  • Knowledge of RHOP

3. Academic preparation (students are strongly encouraged to have completed or plan to complete the following core courses, if possible, to demonstrate their academic preparation):

  • Three years of Math
  • Four years of English
  • One year each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
    • Note: If selected for the RHOP program, all pertinent college-level science and math courses must be taken at WSC.

4. An essay describing why the student wants to be part of RHOP and their commitment to serving rural Nebraska. 


Once accepted into RHOP, either as a participant or alternate, successful completion of the WSC portion of the program includes:

  • Following a specific curriculum of courses associated with the chosen career field.
  • Maintaining grade point average thresholds and fulfilling other academic requirements as determined by the chosen career field.  
    • Note: Only alternates maintaining program requirements are eligible to possibly replace a participant who does not complete the program.