Wayne State College

Pre-Medicine Program of Study

Every effort is made to ensure this information is current, but please be aware that some content may have changed. There is no substitute for developing a careful course registration plan in consultation with your advisor. The class sequence listed is suggested only. The final decision rests with the student and academic advisor.

The courses listed cover all the prerequisites for medical school at UNMC or Creighton University and will enable the student to earn a B.S. in biology. For the chemistry degree option, see the pre-medicine/chemistry program of study.

Participation in this pre-professional program at WSC does not guarantee acceptance to a school of medicine. As many rural physicians handle much of their own financial affairs, some business courses are suggested.

Students are encouraged to take upper level science courses as electives to best prepare for medical school. All students need 40 or more credits of 300 level or above coursework and a minimum of 120 hours to graduate.

2023-24 Academic Year

Freshman - 1st semester
BIO 110 Biology Concepts (General Studies CAT 7) (4)
CHE 106 General Chemistry I (4)
ENG 102 Composition Skills (General Studies CAT 1) (3)
General Studies (3)

Freshman - 2nd semester
BIO 200 Zoology OR BIO 210 Experimental Plant Science (4)
CHE 107 General Chemistry II (4)
General Studies (9)

Sophomore - 3rd semester
BIO 320 Molecular Genetics (4)
CHE 314 Organic Chemistry I (4)
MAT 180 Applied Probability and Statistics (General Studies CAT 3) (3)
General Studies (6)

Sophomore - 4th semester
BIO 104 Environmental Concerns (General Studies CAT 10) (3)
BIO 200 Zoology or BIO 210 Experimental Plant Science (4)
CHE 315 Organic Chemistry II (4)
Electives (upper level) (3-4)

Junior - 5th semester
**BIO 220 Human Anatomy (4)
***Disease or Human Form and Function elective (4)
PHY 201 General Physics I (3)
PHY 321 General Physics I Lab (1)
Elective (3)

Junior - 6th semester
**BIO 340 Human Physiology (4)
BIO 370 Intro to Research (2)
PHY 202 General Physics II (3)
PHY 322 General Physics II Lab (1)
Electives (4)
General Studies (3)

Senior - 7th semester
BIO 301 Biology Seminar (1)
BIO 397 Biology Internship or BIO 465 Continuing Research (1)
CHE 326 Biochemistry (4)
***Disease or Human Form and Function elective (3-4)
Elective (3-4)

Senior - 8th semester
***Disease or Human Form and Function elective (3-4)
BIO 425 Evolution (3)
BIO 469 Senior Seminar or BIO 470 Research Project (1)
Electives (upper level) (8)

*Recommended, but not required, for General Studies CAT 10

**Recommended electives

***Human Form and Function - Choose two or more classes from: BIO 330 Histology, BIO 340 Human Physiology, BIO 434 Advanced Cell Biology, BIO 443 Advanced Anatomy, BIO 409 Comparative Anatomy and Embryology

***Disease - Choose two or more classes from: BIO 336 Cancer Biology, BIO 385 Microbiology, BIO 340 Parasitology, BIO 486 Immunology