Wayne State College

Jillian Wormington

Dr. Jillian Wormington is an assistant professor of life sciences at Wayne State College and the zoological curator of the A. Jewell Schock Natural History Museum.


Post-doctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M University, 2017-2019

Ph.D., Zoology, Oklahoma State University, 2017

M.S., Biology, Illinois State University, 2013

B.A., Biology, Hastings College, 2004

Academic Interests

Dr. Wormington is broadly interested in the causes and consequences of variation in insect traits, with particular emphasis on insects that impact humans and domestic animals. Insects are crucial parts of an ecosystem, responsible for decomposing plant and animal material, pollinating wild plants and crops, and serving as a food source for other animals. Insects also impact human and animal health by competing for food sources and spreading disease. Understanding the ecological drivers of insect behavior and physiology is critical for the maintenance of human and environmental health.