Wayne State College


Enforcement, Violations, and Fines


Hours: All traffic and parking regulations are subject to enforcement 24 hours every day throughout the year, including the summer months. Permits are valid only when properly displayed on the registered vehicle.

Weekends and evening parking: Street parking and parking in parking lots normally reserved for faculty and staff will be available to students beginning at 5 p.m. through 12 a.m. weekday evenings and on weekends from 5 p.m. Friday until 12 a.m. Sunday.

Holidays/breaks: Normal parking rules are in effect during periods when students have a break from classes and the campus IS NOT closed. Campus is considered CLOSED only when all offices are closed. Weekend parking rules are in effect during period when the campus is closed. These dates will be published soon.

Violations and Fines

$20 fine - Overtime parking in a 15-minute zone; parking in unauthorized area; no parking midnight to 5 a.m.; parking in a “No Parking Area”; moving or passing barricades

$35 fine - Driving/parking on grass or sidewalk; parking in a fire lane

$50 fine - No valid permit; parking after revocation; displaying falsified or stolen permit

Note: Fines double with the third violation and parking privileges will be revoked with the fifth violation in a scholastic year. Once your parking privileges have been revoked your vehicle will be subject to being booted with the sixth violation. Vehicles remain subject to being booted until parking privileges have been reinstated.

Vehicle Immobilization

Frequent or multiple violations may result in an immobilization device (boot) being placed on vehicle. This boot will not be removed until owner/operator has met with the Dean of Students and a fee of $65 is paid for the removal of the device.