Wayne State College



Parking on campus is a privilege which requires that established rules and regulations be followed. Compliance and cooperation will make the campus as convenient as possible for everyone. These regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are encouraged to call Campus Security with any questions regarding parking regulations.

5.0 Speed Limits. The speed limit on all Wayne State College Streets, excluding Lindahl Drive, is 15 mph. The speed limit on Lindahl Drive is 25 mph. 

5.1 Parking and Traffic Fines are to be paid immediately at the Student Financial Services Office. A “HOLD” is placed on student records if fines are unpaid. 

5.2 Responsibility. The person to whom a parking permit was issued is responsible for all parking violations issued to the vehicle bearing that permit.

5.3 Grass and Sidewalks. Driving or parking on grass or sidewalks is prohibited at all times.

5.4 Snowmobiles. The operation of snowmobiles is prohibited on College property.

5.5 Street Parking. Street parking must be with the flow of traffic. Vehicles are not allowed to park with the left wheels to the curb unless the street is a one-way street and parking on the left is not prohibited.

5.6 Pedestrian Crossings and Stop Signs. Drivers must yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks and must bring their vehicles to a complete stop at all stop signs.

5.7 Careless Driving. All vehicles must be operated in a careful and safe manner so as to not endanger lives or property. Driving the wrong way on a one-way street constitutes careless driving.

5.8 Abandoned Vehicles. Students not currently enrolled and non-students may not leave their vehicles on campus. Vehicles that are left on campus are subject to towing and/or disposal in accordance with Nebraska Statute 60-1901.

5.9 Displaying Falsified or Stolen Permit. The display of any permit not registered to the vehicle it is displayed on is prohibited.

5.10 Parking After Revocation of Parking Permit. Once parking privileges have been revoked, parking on campus at any time is prohibited. In addition to the registered owner of the vehicle being fined, the vehicle is subject to immobilization by being booted and a removal fee of $65 accessed. This fee must be paid prior to the removal of the boot.

5.11 Barricades. Passing or Removing Street/Parking Barricades. Periodically streets/parking spaces are barricaded restricting access. Operators who choose to ignore these restrictions are subject to being fined.