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General Education Program

What is the General Education Program?

The General Education Program forms the foundation of a Wayne State College liberal arts education. Drawing from disciplines across campus, the General Education Program develops students’ intellectual inquiry, personal and professional development and responsible citizenship. The required courses that make up the General Education Program will prepare students for the advanced coursework that is a part of their major.

WSC Program Goals

General Education at Wayne State College seeks to help students achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • Develop expression 
  • Participate in methods of inquiry
  • Expand knowledge
  • Encourage civic virtue

Program Requirements

Please see your course catalog for General Education program requirements. For students enrolled before 2008, consult the catalog archives for program requirements.

Advising: You should consult with your academic advisor prior to enrollment in your courses. If you do not have an academic advisor, contact the Counseling Center.

Exceptions: Generally there are no exceptions to this program. Any exceptions must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Consult your academic advisor prior to appealing requirements.

Please Note: Students can apply no more than two General Education courses toward a non-teaching major. Several majors and/or endorsements require course work of higher level or designated course number to meet specific General Education requirements. Refer to specific program descriptions in the college catalog for identification of these courses. Consult your advisor for specific general education requirements for your major.