Wayne State College


Piano Lessons

  • January 20 - May 1, 2020
  • Peterson Fine Arts Building, 1111 Main St.
    Wayne, NE 68787
  • $200 per session

Includes a weekly 30-minute piano lesson for 14 weeks.

Music Academy

The Wayne State College Music Academy provides area students with weekly 30-minute piano lessons taught by WSC music students. Book fees are included in the registration fee, as well as an opportunity for end-of-semester recitals to share progress with family and friends.

Eligibility: Music Academy is open to all students ages 5 to adult.

Cost: $200 per session (Jan. 20-May 1)

Peterson Fine Arts
Wayne State College
1111 Main Street,
Wayne, NE 68787

Angela Miller-Niles, Assistant Professor - Music Department

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