Wayne State College

Wayne State College Students Launch Be CAT Kind Effort

Published Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Students in Business Ethics are challenging others to be kind by doing one extra kind thing per day for the rest of the semester.

Service-learning students in the Business and Economics Department at Wayne State College launched a new pledge campaign.

Students in Business Ethics are challenging other WSC students, staff, administration, and faculty to Be CAT Kind. The pledge form asks community members to do one extra kind thing a day for the rest of the 2021 spring semester.

Attending school in a pandemic has been a challenging experience, but students are grateful to be on campus completing in-person classes. Amid the uncertainty of the virus, they are asking students to step up to the challenge of extra kindness.

The effort doesn’t have to take much time.

“I have been opening the door for students when I enter the building,” said Brody Sintek, a student in the class and member of the Wildcat Baseball team.

The students have set up a station with kindness resources in the first floor study area of Gardner Hall. Students will move the station to other buildings after mid-term break. Anyone can take a kindness card or decal to share. Also, they can post their kindness deed for the day.

There are many benefits of being extra kind. A person can enhance their feeling of belonging, which can reduce feelings of isolation that might be brought about by social distancing standards. Many free resources for the campaign are available at www.randomactsofkindness.org.

Join the challenge on the Wayne State College Department of Business and Economics Facebook and Twitter pages.

For any additional questions or information, contact Laura Dendinger, professor of business, at 402-375-7020 or ladendi1@wsc.edu.