Wayne State College

WSC Student Education Association

What is WSEAN?

SEAN stands for Student Education Association of Nebraska. This is a branch of NSEA (Nebraska State Education Association) and NEA (National Education Association). SEAN is a group for all education majors. With becoming a member of SEAN you get many benefits: A $1,000,000 Liability Insurance, The NEA Today and Voice (magazines keeping you up to date with the teaching profession), a membership card that gives you discounts to various places, and don’t forget a chance to meet new friends across the state!

What does WSEAN do?

As a local chapter we have meetings every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. in Brandenburg 218. This is where we will bring up new or old news that needs to be discussed. Meetings usually don’t take more than 30 minutes. We have a scholastic book fair in the fall and spring, along with book bingo that will be done in the fall and spring. We have a speaker that will come and talk either campus wide or just to our group. We also do teacher appreciation gifts for all of our education professors. We usually do this in the spring to say thanks for all of the hard work they have done for us throughout the year.

Something that is going to be new this year is that we are in the process of getting a grant to do a local Outreach to Teach at Wayne elementary. If you aren’t familiar with this, it is when we go to a school for a day and help improve the school. This could be done by painting, cleaning, laying sod, etc. What is so fun and unique about this is that the students that go there don’t know about it until they come back to school on Monday morning. 

As a SEAN group we also have other opportunities. Each fall there is two things that occur, these are the leadership retreat and fall conference. Each year the fall conference will be in a new place, but with the fall conference we also have an Outreach to Teach. In the spring there is a spring conference and the Delegate Assembly. The spring conference isn’t as fun as the fall, but you still learn a lot and it’s a great experience.  The Delegate Assembly is where as a SEAN group we will elect our executive board for SEAN and vote on new laws that we would like SEAN to have. One thing to remember about these four events is that you get to meet a lot of great people and make some friends who you may have never had a chance to meet!