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General Education Program

Transferring Credits

Students transferring to Wayne State should ideally complete the General Education requirements at WSC. However, there may be instances where credit earned while at another institution will transfer to Wayne State.

Transferring from Another Institution

Transfer students with an A.A. or A.S. degree from an accredited Nebraska community college may see some General Education course requirements waived as they transfer in. If the student’s Associate degree covers courses similar to the pre-requisites for their chosen major at WSC, the student may begin the core classes for their major by enrolling in the EPS 300-Educational Perspectives Course.

For students who are planning to transfer to Wayne State from another institution should consult the transfer agreement institutions. If transferring from a community college not on this list, please consult with the Records and Registration Office.

Transfer Credit Approval

If a student is considering enrolling in a course at another institution to transfer to Wayne State, approval must be obtained from the Records and Registration Office prior to enrollment in the course. The Records and Registration Office will confirm that it is an equivalent course.

Once approved for credit transfer, the student must earn at least a C- in order to be accepted at Wayne State, unless Wayne State requires a higher grade to be earned in the equivalent course.

Upon completion of the course, an official transcript must be sent directly from the other institution to the Wayne State College Records & Registration Office for evaluation.

Transcripts should be sent to:

Wayne State College
Records and Registration
1111 Main Street
Wayne, NE 68787

Appealing Transfer of Credits

Students who wish to appeal the evaluation of a transfer course for the purposes of the General Education Requirements will need to complete a Transfer Credit Review Form available in the Records & Registration Office and submit it to the appropriate Department Chair. Students must attach documentation - a catalog course description or in some cases a syllabus - with their request.

Contact the Records & Registration Office at 402-375-7239.