Wayne State College

Northeast Nebraska Teacher Academy (NENTA)

Participant Qualifications

Student Participant Profile

Every student participating in NENTA is selected based on the following:

  1. The student meets ALL criteria for the State of Nebraska Local Substitute Teacher Certificate.
  2. The student meets all criteria for Level 2 passage into the Wayne State College Professional Progress Benchmarks, which include:
    • Successful field experience from Human Development and Cognition (EDU 250)
    • Positive recommendations from faculty and all field experience cooperating teachers
    • Successful completion of requirements for the Nebraska Local Substitute Teacher Certificate
    • Maintainance of a 3.2 GPA in all coursework, including education and endorsement areas
    • Completion of EDU Foundations coursework (EDU 150, 250, 275)
    • Completion of coursework in math, science, social studies, and humanities
  3. NENTA substitute teachers hold a Nebraska Local Substitute Certificate.
  4. The student has distinguished him- or herself as an emerging professional in Teacher Education through:
    • Outstanding class attendance and participation
    • Commitment to professionalism
    • Assuming and seeking responsibility
    • Completing assignments in a competent and timely manner
    • Complying with all other requirements for a Nebraska Local Substitute Teaching Certificate
  5. NENTA subs receive one full day of training by the NENTA facilitator.
  6. NENTA subs attend biweekly seminars for continuing education and enrichment.
  7. NENTA subs complete reflection forms for each substitute experience and are provided with feedback from teachers, administrators, and the NENTA facilitator.