Wayne State College

Graduate and Professional School

Application Timetable

You should begin in the summer before your senior year of college or at least a year before you plan to start graduate school. Study deadlines for specific programs carefully since they may vary significantly depending on the institution to which you apply. Financial aid deadlines may be earlier than admissions.

Summer/Early Fall

  • Start browsing through guides to graduate programs and college catalogs
  • Meet with faculty members to discuss personal statement and possible programs
  • Start writing a rough draft of your personal statement 
  • Sign up for standardized tests if required by your desired program
  • Visit schools; meet with faculty and graduate students in programs


  • Take required standardized tests
  • Request application materials from programs
  • Ask for letters of recommendation (i.e. faculty, advisors, supervisors, mentors)
  • Order transcripts 
  • Research financial aid; complete applications for sources with early deadlines
  • Finalize your personal statement

Early Winter

  • Complete application and financial aid forms
  • Give recommenders forms to fill out (if provided) or addresses to send letters to
  • Mail applications; watch deadlines for admissions and financial aid
  • Contact programs to set up possible interviews
  • Follow up by phone to verify all materials have been received

Application Checklist

____  Personal Statement
____  Letters of Recommendation
____  Transcripts
____  Required Standardized Tests
____  Applications for Admission
____  Applications for Financial Aid
____  Applications for Fellowships
____  Income Tax Return (if necessary for financial aid applications)
____  Scheduled Visits or Interviews