Wayne State College

Science Bowl

Competition Brackets

Round Robin

There will be four divisions for the round-robin matches. The top four teams from each division will advance to the double-elimination round. While round scores will be posted only the win/loss/tie points will be relevant for advancement. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker round will be used.

The round-robin schedule, results, and tie-breaker announcements can be located online in the links below. The round-robin competition setup will be arranged before the competition but adjustments may need to be made at the last minute. Be prepared for any change announcements at the opening ceremony.

  • Middle school round-robin: TBD
  • High school round-robin: TBD

Coaches can keep score with the coach's scoresheet. Coaches are encouraged to submit the I’m Science Smart award application for their schools top scoring individual. Turn this form in before the beginning of the double-elimination rounds.

There is also the Team Civility [link coming] award. This award can come from volunteers, coaches, or other observers (for teams other than the one they are associated with). It recognizes a team for an especial amount of civility in the round-robin matches.

Double Elimination

The double-elimination rounds are from the top four teams from the four divisions. The seeding for the brackets is based on the ranking from the round-robin matches.

The consolation bracket is voluntary. A maximum of eight teams can participate. To be considered, sign up here (will be set up by the day of the competition). It is publicly editable so be please be respectful. In the event of more than eight teams signing up, a random drawing will be made. In the event of fewer than eight teams showing up, adjustments may be needed.